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The Second Berlin Crisis (1958-1963)

Author ZhangYiFeng
Tutor BaiJianCai
School Shaanxi Normal University
Course World History
Keywords Berlin Crisis America Soviet Union Cold War East -West relation
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2002
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The Second Berlin Crisis (1958-1963) Zhang YifengAbstract The Second Berlin Crisis (1958-1963) is one of the Cold War climaxes between the east and the west in the Europe .The eruption, development and end of the Second Berlin Crisis have great influence on the relation of East-west and the Cold War. Consequently, it played a crucial role in the USA -USSR cold war .In this paper, the author analyzes this issue, in order that a better understanding about the essence of the cold war can be obtained.The author holds that the Second Berlin Crisis (1958-1963) is the outcome of Khrushchev ’s motive to enable the socialism bloc to obtain the more advantageous strategic position in the confrontation with the west by solving the Germany and Berlin problem The detente between the East and the West, the national liberation movements’ development, the breakthrough of the Soviet union’ strategic military power and the stem situation in the Berlin push Khrushchev to start the Berlin Crisis .The policies of Eisenhower and Kennedy administration toward the Berlin Crisis are determined by American national interests ,affected by the Presidents’ personal ideas , the attitude of the allies and the nuclear factor .In some sense the Berlin Crisis resulted in the Cuban Missile Crisis, did damages to the West alliance and impel the Federal Republic of Germany change its unification policy and diplomacy policy .This essay consists of six parts .In the first part , the author analyzes the background of the second Berlin Crisis .The second part introduce the second Berlin Crisis’ process .The third part explain the motive of Khrushchev to start the Berlin Crisis .In the fourth part ,the author study the American Administration’ policy to the second Berlin Crisis ,furthermore the author analyzes the essence of these policies .The fifth part discuss the second Berlin Crisis’ impact on the Cold War ,on the relation of East-west .Finally ,the conclusion is made .

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