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A Study on "Wutai Poem Case

Author ZhouKeQin
Tutor LiuMingHua
School Southwest China Normal
Course Ancient Chinese Literature
Keywords Wutai poem Political Reform Su Shi's life Literary inquisition No evidence is found Remonstrations Creative motivation Dual purpose Confession Creative
CLC I209.44
Type Master's thesis
Year 2002
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This dissertation is a monographic study on Su Shi. Wutai Poem Case is a turning point in Su Shi’s life and literary writing, which is a known literary inquisition in history as well. It is by no means accidental, but no evidence is found. For different purposes, different people have respective interpretations of his writings related to this case. This dissertation takes an inspection deeply into this case and describes it justly on all aspects by ways of statistics and interpretation, in order to deepen the understanding on Su Shi and his writings and on those literary cases in history.The first chapter makes a brief account of this case, including the causes and consequences. From the external conditions, we conclude that this case is necessarily related to the political system in North-Song Dynasty and closely to the conflicts between Xi and Feng political blocs and Wang An-shi Reform.The second chapter develops from the angle of the conductor of this case------Taijian ,the prosecutorin charge of political cases. Taijian is so powerful in political lives, and is terribly cruel to human nature. For the political and individual purposes, Taijian wantonly misrepresents the writing inclination and significance in Su Shi’s writings concerned. Taijian interprets those writings not in objective ways but with established prejudice. It is followed by such a fact that Su Shi is charged with so many things at last.The third chapter analyzes Su Shi himself, the victim of this case. Through his writings in the period of this case and his words and deeds in prison, it proves that Su Shi is open and aboveboard. Concerning about Su Shi’s personality and the realities of Wang An-shi Reform and analyzing his writings and confession all-sidedly, this dissertation holds that he tells the truth and that his confession is a special interpretation containing historical realities, which is also the author’s interpretation of his writings concerned.The fourth chapter generalizes the effect on Su Shi himself. Collectively presented from within the changing in the contents and styles of his writings in Huangzhou, the effect is both on his spirit and on his literary writing. Wutai Poem Case brings a sequence of misfortunes of literary writing in his remained years.The fifth chapter sums up the viewpoints of Song and following people on this case. These viewpoints are their interpretations of his writings concerned, and the long-lasting effects of this case as well.Based on arrangement of the existent materials of Wutai Poem Case, the author classifies the writings and confessions, arranges them in order and takes them as the arguments of this dissertation.

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