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A Structuralist Perspective to The Great Gatsby

Author ZhangJunLing
Tutor ChenLiHua
School Central China Normal University
Course English Language and Literature
Keywords Fitzgerald The Great Gatsby Structuralism Dualistic Behavior patterns
Type Master's thesis
Year 2002
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Fitzgerald's \Eight years later, it is still widely circulated. This is a very thoughtful work, our study of this work has already begun, but most studies on the historical background to examine and analyze the historical background of the novel, digging the significance of the times, paid little attention to the text itself structure. This paper attempts to structure theory perspective, from the perspective and re-interpretation of the internal structure of this novel. The thesis is divided into five chapters: the first chapter introduces the life and \The plot of the novel is not complicated, impoverished young people fall in love with a rich girl, and sacrificed their lives for this nothingness and meaningless love. The traditional plot modern writing skills to performance, and describe the \For a long time it was considered to be a description of the book of the hustle and bustle of the twenties. Study of the United States, Chinese scholars also many main historical, cultural criticism. These studies, structuralism as a theoretical framework to analyze both the content and form of the work, and to explore the deep structure of the work in order to reveal its broad and general sense. The second chapter is the theoretical part of the thesis. Structuralism flourished in the sixties of the twentieth century, it is trying to rebuild the reality phenomenon following the deep structure of the system. Structuralism as an attempt, trying to apply methods and ideas of the founder of modern structural linguistics of Ferdinand de Saussure literature. Structuralist literary works as the surface description of some kind of external reality, to secretly follow its own laws. Structuralist theorists AJ Greimas, and Zi Weitan · Todorov text narrative depth and meticulous research. They believe that the text content and form of the ever-changing, but they all follow a common set of narrative syntax. Greimas semantic structure of the text focus on research, while Todorov is representative of the text in the form of research. Although they theoretically different emphases, but emphasized the narrative - the integrity of the work and the internal unity. So only the theory of the two combined to complete the analysis and interpretation of works. \\He believes that \Greimas study summarizes the various novels behavior simply divided into three types of plot. This analysis is clearly inadequate, while Todorov text form, the theory of Greimas necessary and powerful supplement. The entire text as a complete sentence, figures equivalent to nouns, character behavior is seen as a verb, character attributes features equivalent adjectives. This syntactic structure consists of two basic units: propositions and sequence. Express a complete meaning of a single proposition, composed of multiple propositions sequence. Proposition and sequences, respectively, equivalent to the text \Chapter use of \Dualism framework of human behavior, and the writer's life experience will more or less affect its creation, Fitzgerald is no exception. His life experiences make him and his protagonists always being in a fierce conflict of reality and dreams, the duality of his personality is surging in \Work yuan confrontation \confrontation and conflict. Chapter Todorov's narrative syntax mode, a detailed analysis of the behavior of the characters in the novel, and to explore their behavior patterns: The Quest for a have a lost a quest. The quest of the characters are different, but they can be summarized as the pursuit of dreams. Hero Gatsby quest for love and money; pursuit of Nick purpose in life; Daisy and Tom stimulus - the pursuit of a sense of self-satisfaction; the George couple of the pursuit of economic insecurity: as well as the secondary characters in the novel prepare Since different quest. Their behavior proved to follow this pattern: Pursuit. . - Has ... lost a pursuit. The final chapter is the conclusion. The dualism frame the content of \The tragedy gave birth to the end of the most shocking theme of significance: never give in, never give up, never stop pursuing the timeless spirit of human behavior. The realization of the universal significance of the structural model is the ultimate purpose of the structure theory research. Structuralism itself there are many shortcomings, but also by many critics, but it is the interpretation of the text to provide a fresh perspective and useful help. Like standing in a different window to see the same channel landscape and varied scenery, structure theory we open a window.

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