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Harmonious Society under the Concept of Modern Prision Management to Explore New

Author WuLiRu
Tutor LiangLiPing
School Shanxi University
Course Administration
Keywords Harmonious society Prison New idea of management
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Prison as penalty enforcement organs of the State, important part of the superstructure of society, traditionally the maintenance of class rule, ensure social justice, social tools of governance, its unique function, directly related to consolidate the ruling status of stability, social order and political civilization development. In particular in the follow-up of the basic strategy "administer", implement "people-oriented" concept of scientific development, under the conditions of constructing Socialist harmonious society, party and government states clearly "safeguarding the party’s ruling position, national security, the rights of the people, ensure the stability of the overall situation of the community, is the primary political task for the political and legal front". On currently in China,prison management is not only old in thought concept, also treatment in supervision backward, run mechanism rigid, and entrenched of habitual thinking,experience of management, program of education and traditional of behavior of mode, cause for criminals of management, correction and education reconstruction and interest of protection, often will was "concept factors" of interference and "thinking way" of restricting, cannot adaptation social civilization and era development on prison work of new requirements. Therefore, the study of prison management innovation and development, has become the promoting prison safety mode to the mode of quality management by fundamental changes to realize prison from rule to rule of law, by tradition to the important issue of science. This article is intended to "modern prison management under the new exploration of the concept of a harmonious society" to study perspective, made on establishing and implementing the "people-oriented, ruling the prison, science reform" prison management concepts of the core framework. Articles are divided into four parts, the contents are as follows:First part:The necessity and core framework of modern prison management concept innovation.This portion of the properties and functions of the prison location; its function attributes based on the understanding of the prison management concept and the current interpretation of social development objective requirements; Through innovative ideas to prison management factors considerations. Clarify prison management and the relationship of constructing the harmonious society, the prison management concept innovation, establishing the necessity of "people-oriented, according to law, we should strengthen the scientific reform" the core of modern prison management concept framework".PartⅡ:Establishing and implementing the human-oriented management concept. This part is mainly stated:the basic connotation of concept of people-oriented management;the goal orientation of concept of people-oriented management; the value function of the concept of people-oriented management; the practices requirements of concept of people-oriented management.PartⅢ:Establishing and implementing the law supervision management philosophy. This part is mainly on administering supervision management philosophy interpretation of the basic connotation and value of properties, through the concept of ruling of the prison management objectives and analysis of issues such as lack of regulation, clarify the basic means of promoting the construction of prisons rule of law and practice.PartⅣ:Establishing and implementing the scientific reform of management philosophy. This part from six levels elaborated on the transformation of scientific ideas need to grasp the key link. That is, on strengthening education and reform to have new mechanisms; in the perfection of security management should be new breakthroughs; in raising the level of correction of science to have a new target; on construction quality of reforming criminals,we should have a new system; on the comprehensive management of social,we need new initiatives; on rich prison culture construction we should have the new strategy.

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