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The Application of Association Rules Algorithm in Higher Vocational Colleges’ Endorsement of Impoverished Students

Author CaoLuZhou
Tutor ZhouAiWu
School Anhui University
Course Applied Computer Technology
Keywords data mining data warehouse association rules Apriori algorithm FP-tree algorithm
CLC G717
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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With the rapid expanding of higher vocational colleges’recruitment, the number of impoverished students are sharply increasing. The issue of impoverished students now has become one of the most important things in college.However, after many years practice, a lot of disadvantages have been found in the traditional endorsement of impoverished students; thus a set of scientific easy-to-use methods is urgently needed to improve the endorsement which can be processed efficiently and reasonably. So the research work of endorsement of impoverished students in higher vocational colleges is so meaningful.After many years development the higher vocational colleges have accumulated a large sum of data which provides convenience with confusion to the educators. How to correctly research the valuable information hidden behinde the data and find out the potential relation and regulation contained in the mass data? Data mining technique can help us to solve this problem. Data mining technique combines multiple disciplines of knowledge,it can help up from the vast amount ot data but that we do not know in advance of our valuable information.This thesis starts with the basic knowledge of data mining, including its definition, classification, process and some commonly-used techniques. Then it presents the general table of data information which is preprocessed, processed and converted before data mining. Then it introduces some algorithm of association rules which includes Apriori algorithm, FP-growth mining algorithm and the improved ones based on them in order to generate and compare the association rules that are mined from the preprocessed data. To some extent, the improved algorithums reduces the time in searching the frequent itemset, especially obvious in mining the huge amount of data in data warehouse. But whatever association rule is adopted,only the same result is generated. Last but not the least, it compares the result generated by the association rule with the actrual impoverished students’information in the colleges’ support system to analyse the mining efficiency and explain the reason of the result. The thesis also points out the aspects to which should be payed close attention in Endorsement of Impoverished Students.There are also plenty of data mining techniques with the same mining efficiency. To address specific problem,choosing the right mining algorithm to improve the mining efficiency is one of the most important subjects in the future. What’s more, data mining technique in the higher vocational colleges’students’ management work still needs to be further explored at present, which makes it a promising future in the research work of data mining in higher vocational colleges’ endorsement of impoverished students.

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