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Analysis on the Electromagnetic and Flow Field of the Electrode/slag/ingot in ESR System

Author HuangLi
Tutor LiBaoKuan
School Northeastern University
Course Engineering Thermophysics
Keywords Electroslag remelting Electromagnetic Fields Electromagnetic stirring Frequency
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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The electroslag casting unique improve the cleanliness of a metal, control the solidification structure and reach rough refinement triple function near the end of molding. Electroslag remelting pieces of crystal structure is uniform, dense, high purity, low sulfur content, less non-metallic inclusions, higher toughness, fatigue resistance and weldability. The electroslag remelting product applications is very broad, involving mechanical, chemical, transportation, aerospace, nuclear and military sectors. This topic electroslag remelting electrode, slag pool of liquid steel and steel ingot, electroslag remelting system model as well as the applied electromagnetic stirring three-dimensional finite element model of the model using the finite element theory. The ANSYS finite element analysis software, and preparation of the electromagnetic field of the ESR process, the flow field calculation program, an exploratory study of different process parameters under the conditions of the magnetic induction, electromagnetic force and the current density distribution. Using ANSYS software model to calculate the the resulting electroslag remelting system model typical position on the current density, magnetic field and the flow field distribution in line with the actual results, simulation results show that: the role due to the skin effect, the current top-down flow concentrated at the electrode surface area, and the value gradually decreases in the radial direction from outside to inside, and finally concentrated at the ends of the convex surface, reaches a maximum at the end head; toward the center in the liquid steel zone, the direction of the electromagnetic force, the value from the sides to the center decreasing, in the parameter is 10kA, 25Hz frequency AC under the action, the maximum unit electromagnetic force in the surface, at the center is 0; EMF was rotary distribution of the electrodes, the liquid steel and the steel ingot zone, the magnetic induction and the current density in the slag pool tends to 0 ; as the frequency increases, the current distribution in the skin more obvious. The frequency reaches 35HZ reverse vortex generated at a center of the electrode and ingot is greater than the source current, appear on both sides of the nearly central small range refluxed, the reflow peak with increasing frequency. Under the action of the electromagnetic force, the field distribution of molten steel flow is: in the vicinity of the wall surface of the liquid steel appear two symmetrical swirl in the near Slag meniscus reaches maximum velocity 0.059m / s. Exploration and research in the model of electromagnetic stirring, slag pool, electromagnetic fields and the distribution of the flow field of molten steel and steel ingot, the results show that: the the rotating electromagnetic force, the size of the electromagnetic force generated in the liquid steel in under stirring device, with the frequency increasing Large increases. In the given stirring parameters 100A Current 5HZ frequency calculation conditions, the maximum magnetic flux density was 0.026T maximum current density 33537A/m2; the slag pool electromagnetic force of about 0.45e-10N, the relative liquid steel of the electromagnetic force can be neglected. Stirred electromagnetic force, the liquid steel zone forming a rotary-shaped flow field, and the maximum surface velocity to 0.20m / s, center flow rate of 0.

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