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Construction of new suburban rural grassroots party organizations

Author LiZeFeng
Tutor LiJuan
School Kunming University of Science and Technology
Course The basic principles of Marxism
Keywords new rural area construction Suburban Countryside Grassroots organizations Construction of Grass-root Party Organization
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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The party all the work and fighting in the rural areas are based on the rural grass-roots organizations of the party, which are the leadership core of the work of rural organizations. Seventh session of the Fourth Plenary Session which adopted the "CPC Central Committee on strengthening and improving Party building under the new situation a number of important issues",clearly put forward the "laying the foundation to do grassroots work, solid organizational foundation for the ruling party" and " Construction of a new pattern of urban and Rural grass-roots party". In the process of building new countryside with Chinese characteristics, the key is to strengthen and improve Party leadership, play party branch the role of the leadership core in the village. Contrasting to the traditional rural grassroots party organizations, suburban and rural grassroots party organizations have its unique characteristics. At present, there are many researches on the construction of new countryside and the rural grass-roots party building of more suburban and, there are not cognitive many areas in rural areas for this type of small rural grassroots party building. The construction of a harmonious society plays a very important role in urban and rural new pattern of party building. With urbanization and social transformation and development, suburban rural grassroots party organizations are also facing some new problems, which hinder the pace of building new countryside. Thus, to strengthen research in this area is very practically significant.This paper summarize the problems on the current rural grassroots party of suburban organizations in new perspective, in the method of literature review and field research, through the suburban countryside of Shanxi Huairen grass-roots party building process of this case analysis, seek to put forward practical measures to solve the current problem to the construction of new rural grassroots party organizations to strengthen the role of suburban, provide some theoretical guidance and practical reference value.The paper is divided into four parts:The first part is an introduction, proposed suburban rural grassroots party organizations of the need to introduce the research situation, and the methods of this study, the purpose, content and innovation; the second part is theoretical part of the full text, the part defines the meaning of rural grassroots party organizations in construction of new countryside, and then analyzes interaction of rural grassroots party organizations in construction of the new rural and suburban; the third part is the analysis part, the analysis on the Suburban through the countryside of Shanxi Huairen case of the field research initiatives in recent years, summarize the current construction of new rural grassroots party organizations in the suburban rural areas The specificity of the induction, and suburban rural grassroots party organizations in the new rural construction summary of the problems; the fourth chapter is a summary of this article, according to a summary of the first three chapters of the new rural vision to strengthen the rural suburbs grass-roots party organizations and proposes a solution, first of all ideological work for the transformation of farmers in rural areas not suited to strengthen the ideological work reiterated the building, and secondly, from the suburbs start new rural construction in rural areas to meet the needs of building new countryside creative party set up, once again, with suburban rural characteristics, and explore the different groups of institutions classified by industry and other methods to strengthen party building; the last part plays the geography advantage of suburban rural, and explore a new way to get rich under the lead of the grass-roots party organizations in the construction of new rural villagers.Innovation of this paper analysis the particular type of suburban rural countryside in the new building of primary Party organizations in rural development problems on the research on suburban countryside in Huairen, highlighting the outskirts of the construction of new countryside, strengthening the rural grassroots party organizations Suburban countermeasures in theory proposes. Although this study is not comprehensive and mature, it is difficult to see in the previous article. Meanwhile, a series of measures proposed for the construction of new rural suburban rural grassroots party organizations has a practical significance on carrying out construction work.

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