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The Application and Practice of Interrelated Technologies in Revamping of 1930mm Slab Caster in Baosteel

Author KangJianGuo
Tutor YuJingKunï¼›XuGuoDong
School Northeastern University
Course Metallurgical Engineering
Keywords Continuous casting Transform Electromagnetic stirring Soft Reduction Slab quality
CLC TF341.6
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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Baosteel steel mill, a continuous casting slab casting machine is imported from Japan in 1989, two large slab caster, design capabilities Billet 4 million tons annual. This two caster has the world's advanced level in the early 1980s, the equipment in nearly 14 years, give full play to their potential, were produced during the slab is about 65 million tons of various grades of steels 2001 annual production reached the highest was 5.305 million tons. Into the 21st century, the continuous casting technology, there has been a new development, regardless of product quality, or production efficiency have put forward higher requirements. No.2 slab caster has been high since the 1989 production load operation ten years, its main mechanical equipment aging, the casting machine is difficult to guarantee accuracy; EIC system backward technology, high failure rate, spare parts preparation and replacement difficult; connected casting machine technology and equipment can not meet the demand for mass production of high-level steel varieties. In order to improve the level of continuous casting technology, to meet the requirements of automotive sheet of high-quality, high-level pipeline steel, high-strength structural steel varieties, Baosteel decided to transform the 2nd slab caster. The transformation of the main crystalline body segments body segments drive the water system of the mold, secondary cooling spray water system and related equipment EIC system. Due to the transformation of the segments and mold, causing part of the equipment of the offline maintenance area must also be related to the transformation. Crystallizer water, two cold water transformation inevitably require water treatment part of the equipment for the transformation. Host three-part renovation and part of the interface of the water treatment area, the three-part also in need of rehabilitation. The transformation from the host portion of the new processes, new technologies. The main use of new technology, new technology: (1) hydraulic mold oscillator technology, the main purpose is to reduce the mechanical vibration on the surface of the slab oscillation marks; (2) cold water spray width automatically adjust the technology, according to the cast blank width automatically adjust the height of the cooling water spray rack, and then adjust the width of the spray water can be effective spray effect, but also can reduce the amount of water: (3) segments small rolls close-packed to reduce static pressure is greater than the the bulging force caused by the slab bulging, causing internal slab quality defects; (4) dummy head off ingots technology automatically, in order to improve the shape of the dummy head, without resorting to it in the detachment and Billet other external forces detachment; (5) mold electromagnetic stirring technology, to improve the surface quality of slab, to reduce slag, pinhole surface longitudinal cracks; (6) segments soft reduction technology, mainly to improve the internal slab quality especially thick plate center crack, internal crack. After transformation, the new caster using the effect of the use of new technologies are compared, the results show that the electromagnetic stirring and soft reduction technology on the slab surface and internal quality improvement.

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