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Thermodynamics and Kinetics of the Reduction for Acid Vanadium-titanium Slags in Electric Furnace

Author SunJian
Tutor ZhuMiaoYong
School Northeastern University
Course Iron and steel metallurgy
Keywords Acidic vanadium titanium slag Reduction reaction Slag phase phase SEM
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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In this paper, the acidic vanadium - titanium slag furnace reduction process , Thermodynamics of vanadium allocation of molten iron and slag . And thermodynamic studies based on the the vanadium titanium slag reduction kinetics studies . Also investigated the phase composition of vanadium titanate slag reduction process , microscopic form of evolution, as well as V, Ti , and other elements of the change of the mode of occurrence in the slag . In this paper, the analysis of vanadium-containing titanium slag reduction reaction research situation at home and abroad based on acid residue, use the synthetic slag analog metal pellets in the experimental study of vanadium oxide slag . The experiment investigated the iron slag ratio, the reaction temperature , the initial V2O5 content , the initial TiO2 content of the initial FeO content of vanadium oxides . Experimental results show that : the reaction temperature to 1580 ° C , the slag iron ratio of 1:4 , synthetic slag composition and metal pellets acidic slag composition , the acidic of vanadium titanium slag vanadium oxide reduction reaction faster in 70min reduction rate can reach 80% , the equilibrium was achieved at 120min , the reduction rate was 92.9% . The higher the temperature, the greater the amount of the iron bath and slag , the greater the initial content (V2O5) are more conducive to vanadium reduction reaction to improve the reaction rate . The initial content in the slag (FeO) and the initial content (TiO2) are the higher , the less beneficial vanadium reduction reaction is carried out , reducing the reaction rate . Different vanadium oxide reduction rate of slag XRD and SEM analysis, we found the main phases in the pyrope mixed with a small amount of diopside black titanium and magnesium stone mixed with a small amount of iron oxide , titanium large number of endowed magnesium titanium black stone in . Ti in the early stage of the reaction ( vanadium oxide reduction rate of 28.75% -38.34 %) most of the occurrence long strip Mg3Al4Ti3O25 , tests show that the solid solution phase material , a small part of phase dispersed in the silicate phase and a small piece of particulate matter , with the the reduction reaction is carried out , Ti gradually from the silicate phase precipitates and binding the strip Mg3Al4Ti3O25 aggregates grew growth with small pieces of particulate matter , the tests show that the solid solution phase , and eventually this phase . Beginning of the reaction , V ( vanadium oxide reduction rate of 28.75% -38.34 %) mainly occur in small pieces granular and long strips of titanium - containing material phase titanium closely associated with the conduct of the reduction reaction , V is gradually restore the iron liquid , late in the reaction ( vanadium oxide reduction rate of 71.41% -76.68 %) , the remaining were not restored V Fu presence of silicate phase .

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