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Study on a Kind of Temperature Controller for Heating Ramps of the Anode Baking Furnace

Author ZhangHongMing
Tutor ZhangLei;ZengChuiXin
School Northeastern University
Course Mechanical Engineering
Keywords Temperature control for anode baking furnace fuzzy controller PID controller FUZZY-PID controller
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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The control over anode baking process in an open ring baking furnace has been related to pot operating performance closely since the adoption of the pre-baked anode technology on the pot. Anode baking is an important process step in the carbon anode manufacturing process, and its temperature homogeneity, heating speed, temperature gradient and final baking temperature have significant impacts on anode quality. Therefore, the product quality and capacity of the baking furnace depend on the control performance over these parameters.The anode baking process is characterized with lagging, non-linearity, and time-varying. This paper aims to explain the baking mechanism in detail, give a brief introduction to the working principle and structure, summarize the production process of the anode baking furnace, present the overall current development of the anode baking technology both at home and abroad, analyze the realistic significance of the controller for the anode baking furnace, and put forward a general concept for carrying out theoretical study on the temperature controller for the anode baking furnace in China, by aiming at the process characteristics and real production demand of the anode baking furnace and based on the existing baking control system in an aluminum smelter. With all of these as a conceptual guide for this paper, the relevant study and research have been conducted. Based on the structural analysis and comparison of or between the PID controller and fuzzy controller, a control method by combining the PID controller and fuzzy controller has been put forward, and a FUZZY-PID double-module controller has been developed. With the MATLAB software developing platform, a simulated program list for the FUZZY-PID controller has been prepared, and it has been compared in a simulated way with the control effects of the conventional PID controller and the fuzzy controller. It has been well proven that this controller’s Robustness, characterized with excellent stability, quick-response and sensitivity. In this case, the over shot has been reduced significantly, and the system quality improved. Therefore, the contradiction betwwen quick-response and over shot has been solved effectively, and the system suitability enhanced somewhat, resulting in minor impact between parameters, relatively easy adjustment of parameters, and improvement of the anti-interference ability and setpoint tracking ability of the control system. This kind of controller enjoys the advantages of both the fuzzy controller (such as flexibility and strong suitability) and the PID controller (high control accuracy).The development and anticipated future application of this temperature controller have great significances in promoting technical advance and upgradation in an enterprise, developing technical achievements of which the intellectual property owned by the enterprise itself, improving the carbon production technology in China, performing techincal innovations on the existing baking furnaces, subsituting imported equipment, prolonging the life of flue walls, saving energy and minimizing waste. Also, they will drive the development of the intellectual control technology and its extensive application in the industrial control processes.

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