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Fabrication of Optical Fiber Probes

Author YangXiuWen
Tutor TangYiWen
School Central China Normal University
Course Theoretical Physics
Keywords scanning probe microscopy scanning tunneling microscopy atomic force microscopy Raman spectroscope Fiber probe surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) transmission efficiency Laser Ablation Chemical etching
Type Master's thesis
Year 2006
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SPM is based on scanning sample surfaces using the tip of optical probe, it obtained the imagine information about the object surface, It successfully extended the resolution of conventional optical microscope beyond the diffraction limit. It can be used to observe and study sample’s topography and internal characters in submicron scale by optical method. SPM has already been a very useful tool to research microcosm and it has been applied in the fields of material science, biological engineering and information technology extensively. Probe is SPM’s central component, which is different in various microscopes. We attempted to fabricate optical fiber probe In this paper, we mainly studied three aspects,as follows:一、 The fabrication of optical fiber probeThe optical fiber probe is prepared with the melt-pulling, the etching, the tube etching, the pulling-etching, Laser ablation method, By the experiments, the The shape of Fiber probe had been analyzed and compared. It had been shown that probe: cone-shape transition region of probe by the melt-pulling is slightness and obtains the probe cone angle is not big (8°—35°). Probe by the etching and the tube etching may cause the probe with the short cone-shape transition region, loses slightly, cone angle is big (15°-65°), but when prepares the bigger cone angle optical fiber probe, the surface starts to change is rough. Probe by the pulling-etching has an area of the change cone angle. Probe by the laser ablation be easy to obtain the big cone angle, and the surface is smooth.The tips diameters are in the range of 80-200 nm ,and the taper angle 40°-81°,transm ission efficiency of 3.5×10-3.二、 The study of optic property of probeTransmission properties of optical fiber probe are discussed in this paper. The transmission efficiency of the probe is measured. The probe of transmission efficiency versus coning angle is given. By the experiments, the transmission properties had beenanalyzed and compared. It had been shown that the optical fiber probe with 30°-55°is a Fiber-Optic Nano-Probes with High Transm ission Efficiency and High Resolving power. Simultaneity ,the transmission efficiencies versus the wavelength are given.三、 Studies Optic Fiber Probe of surface-enhanced Raman scattering

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