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Analysis of County Government Public Crisis Management Problem in Our Country

Author LuoBin
Tutor ZhangLiRong
School Central China Normal University
Course Public Administration
Keywords the county level governments Public crisis Crisis management
CLC D630
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Our country has entered a comprehensive profound transformation time, facing a variety of crisis appeared in social, governments at all levels plays a leading role in the crisis management, the basic unit government is the government organizations of nearest to crisis, fastest to the place of crisis, smallest of the crisis loss of from the crisis, and the governments at county level as the typical delegate of basic unit government organization, it plays very important role, the public crisis coping ability and management way is directly reflects the government to crisis handling capacity, timely and effectively handle public crisis at the county level in China has become a major challenge to the government. At present, China’s government at the county level basically constructed public crisis management system, but from the effect of events of the government to deal with the crisis prevention and the point, there are still many defects. In general, the county government in public crisis management lack of effective theoretical guidance, in crisis management theory and practice are mature enough, crisis management expertise training is still not enough, public warning mechanism is not perfect, Therefore, strengthening the county government crisis management ability, and make it play the effective role is a problem to study and solve.The paper use the basic theories of public administrative and the method of normative analysis combining the empirical analysis, making a comprehensive study of the system to the government public crisis management in the county.Except the full text "introduction" and "epilogue", it has three main body parts.The first main part:the county level governments public crisis management related theory explanation. This part is in the definition and expounds the concept and types of public crisis, the meaning and nature of the government public crisis management, the county level governments public crisis management on the basis of the content and features, the paper mainly discusses the county level governments public crisis management problem triple meaning, that is, to enhance the ability of the government prevent crisis, to improve the ability of government disposal crisis, to maintain social stability.The second main part:in our country, the county level governments public crisis management situation in this article. This part in summary the effectiveness of the county level governments public crisis management, and points out that the problems of the county level governments public crisis management later, from four aspects analyzes the causes of the formation, that is government function orientation is undeserved, crisis management mechanism is imperfect, crisis management accountability system is implementation, the channel of poor people appeal to reflect is not smooth.The third main part:improvement and strengthening the county level governments public crisis management solutions in our country. This part proposed that the goal orientation of improvement and strengthening the county level governments public crisis management is to establish a unified leadership, division of labor cooperation, sensitive effective crisis management system; To improve and enhance the county level governments public crisis management should follow the four principles, namely harmony principle, LianDongXing principle, systematic principle and effectiveness principle; To improve and enhance the county level governments public crisis management, seven measures should be adopted:(1) strengthen the crisis consciousness; (2) reveal theoretical guidance; (3) establish a warning mechanism; (4) establish special crisis management command organization; (5) perfect the crisis management of information systems; (6) standardize the crisis management of the system construction; and (7) open channels of crisis management.This paper may be in the innovation of:(1) the research Angle is innovative. This article emphatically from the county level governments Angle, analysis the public crisis management problems, the academic circles in China does not see more. (2) the research methods are new. The paper put the country in Hunan to the case,concrete analysis the county government public crisis management problems and its reasons, this kind of research methods in academic circles have certain new idea. (3) countermeasures is innovative. The article in view existing prominent problems of our country’s county level government public crisis management, and proposes to construct the unified leadership and collaboration, sensitive efficient division of the county level governments public crisis management system and so on, it’s also a new meaning in the academic circle.

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