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From Narcissim to Mirror Stage

Author JiangYu
Tutor HuoDaTong;QinWei
School Sichuan University
Course Applied Psychology
Keywords Psychoanalysis Freud Narcissim Lacan Mirror stage
CLC B84-06
Type Master's thesis
Year 2006
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Departing from the conception of 《 narcissism 》 of Sigmund Freud, this paper introduced a series of developpments from 《 narcissim 》 to Lacan’s 《 mirror stage 》. On the base of dredging some key conceptions such as 《 drive 》, 《 Libido 》, 《 ego 》, 《 identification 》, 《 ego-ideal and ideal-ego 》, 《 relation of object》, 《 good/ bad object 》, 《 projective identification 》, 《 mirror stage 》, 《 imaginaire 》etc, from Freud to his successors Anna Freud, Melanie Klein to Lacan, this article try to answer this question : conception of 《 narcissime 》of Freud how to influence and develop 《 mirror stage 》 of Lacan ?Being the love which is cathexsised by the subject to himself as to the object, narcissim, because of ego’s ambiguous position, led Freud into a theoritical difficulty. The successors of Freud tried to find a solution, while the introduction of 《mirror stage》 made Lacan evading this difficulty and led psychoanalysis to a new theoritical level: narcissim, is not only the love which subject with the imago of his body but also the love and attention comes from the others’.The rectifying the question which is from narcissim to reflection help us to master the theories and practices of Freud, and help to master Lacan’s contribution to the whole psychoanalysis. As well as we mastered the psychoanalysis’ changing from classic to modern.

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