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Whole Design for the Welder of the Double-Helical Friction Stir Welding Based on Open CNC System

Author LuoHao
Tutor XieLiYang
School Northeastern University
Course Mechanical Design and Theory
Keywords Friction Stir Welding The structure of the double helix Welding equipment Can lift stirring needle Open CNC system
CLC TG439.8
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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Invented in 1991 by the British Institute of Welding friction stir welding (FSW), known for its excellent welding performance and the economic and environmental benefits, in aviation, aerospace, shipbuilding, transportation, pressure vessels, electrical and other industries has broad application prospects. It appears significant change will allow the non-ferrous metals such as aluminum and its alloys connection technology. Although the the FSW technology development time is not long, but in the welding mechanism, suitable materials, welding equipment, and engineering applications are made a lot of progress. This topic is based on friction stir seam welding and spot welding method, the double helix stirring friction stir welding method. Relative to the friction stir weld double helix friction stir welding for arc welding weld impose different requirements for the processing space; relative friction stir solder joint welding, it can lift stirring needle eliminate the keyhole the impact, and its implementation of the method can effectively reduce the possibility of the defects occur. Based on its own characteristics, the double helix of friction stir welding for aluminum alloy sheet riveted occasions as well as arc welds. On the basis of theoretical research and experimental design of this project the mechanical structure of the double helix of friction stir welding welding equipment. Order to achieve the welding process angle remain unchanged; the elevating control stirring pin thereby eliminating the impact of the welding process keyhole. This device requires a total control two stepper motors, three AC motor and a DC motor. In order to meet the requirements of the double helix friction stir welding process test, six motor control. Based open CNC system, using the framework of the IPC and control card, stepper motor control system using the motion control card control stepper motor speed, direction and stroke parameter, analog output card will be passed to the variable frequency control voltage AC motor speed control voltage DC motor speed control is passed to the rectifier, so as to obtain the required process parameters. Friction stir welding welding equipment for the double helix in the open CNC system electrical hardware based on the development of human-computer interaction control software, through the modification of the operating parameters, optimization of friction stir welding process parameters to achieve the double helix, the double helix of friction stir welding adapt to different occasions. The double helix Friction Stir Welding method can complement each other and become one of the characteristics of friction stir welding method and friction stir welding method. The design of this equipment, you can double helix experimental Friction Stir Welding Friction Stir Welding parameters optimization double helix deeper study of the double helix friction stir solder array.

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