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Study on Influential Factor to Methane Metabolic of Methane-utilizing Bacteria and Methoanol Detection Method

Author ChenLiang
Tutor ZhaoChunGui
School Shanxi University
Course Microbiology
Keywords Methanotrophs Methane Impact Factor Methanol Biosensor
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Discusses the concept of a methane-oxidizing bacteria, classification and metabolic pathways; outlines the types of methane plus oxidase, structure, expression and regulation and mechanism of action; depicts methane-oxidizing bacteria and methane plus oxidase in culture conditions, the synthesis of chemical substances, the cutting edge of genetic engineering, atmospheric methane monitoring and governance research; overview of the methane-oxidizing bacteria and methane plus oxidase in environmental pollution control, control of methane emissions from the coal mine gas control and catalytic generation chemical raw materials; presented in this article stand the meaning and content of the questions. Build the experimental apparatus to study the impact on the stability of the device measurement of the gas composition in the temperature, nitrogen, CO2 and reaction system. The experimental results show that the device can be used for the \Strains of Pseudomonas aeruginosa ME16, using the experimental device, the volume ratio of temperature, pH, NaCl concentration, CH4 and O2 the Cu2 concentration, Pb2 concentration, EDTA concentration and methanol concentration factors such as the impact of the ME16 methane metabolic activity. The results show that: the ME16 metabolic methane optimum temperature was 30 ° C; optimum pH value of 7; optimum NaCl concentration was 0.5%; CH4 and O2 in volume ratio 1:00, most metabolic activity of methane; of Cu2 or Pb2 ​​in certain The concentration range of inhibition the ME16 resting cells metabolic activity of methane, but added to the the ME16 culture process Pb2 The Cu2 ME16 methane metabolic activity inhibitory concentration; EDTA only at higher concentrations of the metabolic activity of ME16 methane inhibition can be improved, The appropriate concentration of EDTA can eliminate of Cu2 or Pb2 ​​on the inhibition of the metabolic activity of the ME16 methane; different effects of different concentrations of methanol on the metabolic activity of the ME16 methane: low concentrations promote high concentrations inhibited. Identify the original, to the the immobilized strains of Methylobacterium organophilium ME25 to build microbial measurement system for the determination of methanol content. The measurement system has a wide linear range: 0.01% to 2%, the detection limit of 3.4 × 10 -4%; the methanol response time is approximately 30 min. And interfere with the test results showed that the measurement system can be effective to avoid the interference of other alcohols, and has a high selectivity to methanol; The measuring system also has good storage stability and repeatability; methanol actual samples having relatively good sensitivity and selectivity.

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