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Numerical Analysis on Magnetofluid Field in Processing of Electromagnetic Stirring of Continuous Casting of Steel

Author HuFengYang
Tutor LiBaoKuan
School Northeastern University
Course Engineering Thermophysics
Keywords Mold electromagnetic stirring End of the electromagnetic stirring Numerical Simulation Electromagnetic stirring parameters Semi-circular magnetic stirrer
CLC TG249.7
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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Modern industry increasingly stringent quality requirements for steel, steel continuous casting process, electromagnetic stirring technology as a can effectively improve the the slab quality of technical means to receive widespread attention and application. Affect steel electromagnetic stirring effect of many factors, such as: the kinds of steel stirrer position, electromagnetic stirring parameters and agitator structural parameters and stirring effect, but the impact of the main factors is a reasonable selection of the parameters of the electromagnetic stirring. Therefore, how to optimize the parameters of electromagnetic stirring optimize the electromagnetic stirrer structural design become an important issue of electromagnetic stirring. Subject to a special steel billet continuous casting mold electromagnetic stirring process and the end of the electromagnetic stirring process for the object, using the finite element theory to establish a finite element model of the two-dimensional and three-dimensional mold electromagnetic stirring and solidification electromagnetic stirring. Application the ANSYS program design language, the preparation of the electromagnetic field of the continuous casting mold electromagnetic stirring and the end of the electromagnetic stirring process, the flow field, exploratory electromagnetic field, electromagnetic force field and flow field distribution calculated under the conditions of different process parameters. Using ANSYS software model calculates the typical position of the electromagnetic stirrer, a magnetic field distribution with the measured results correspond well with the simulation results show that: stirrer center position of the stirring effect is apparent, and the Z axis direction gradually decreases toward the end portion. The agitation zone the edge magnetic induction, electromagnetic force from the mold top side down, monotonous rise (enhanced) or \Solidified shell thickness is taken into account in the calculation of the flow field of molten steel flow, ignore the influence of the magnetic field of the flow of liquid steel. The rotating flow is formed in the electromagnetic force under the action of the molten steel in the horizontal direction, and to reduce the excessive downward flow, enhanced reflux. Over the stirring area, the horizontal rotation speed of the flow becomes gradually smaller. Rotational velocity improved, but also increased as the supply frequency increases with the increase of the supply current strength. Double-peak the rotating flow rate of the liquid steel in the electromagnetic force distribution, near the wall. The the the electromagnetic stirring simulation results based on combining electromagnetic stirring scene actual measurement data, as well as different electromagnetic stirring parameters on the the slab quality of impact analysis, and provides a basis for the parameters in the actual production to determine the optimum electromagnetic stirring. Semicircle electromagnetic stirrer were simulated, and the relationship between the electromagnetic field, electromagnetic force field and the distribution of the flow field, the semi-circular magnetic stirrer and stirrer structure parameters and process parameters with the electromagnetic field and the flow field.

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