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The Study on Characteristics and Governance of Crimes Related to Gangs

Author MengZhi
Tutor ChenZuo
School Nanjing University of Technology and Engineering
Course Public Administration
Keywords the Underworld Organization Crime Characteristic Governance
CLC D917
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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As one of the public hazards in today’s world, the crime of underworld organization has become a big social problem, which many countries’governments have to face. Because of the deep transitions on society and economy, the institutions and mechanisms of the state’s regular regulation to the market and effective administration to society, are still under construction and improvement. Therefore, a few vile practices, including underworld organizations, begin to resurge. The rapid growth and development of the underworld organizations at home, has seriously threatened the stability of the economic order and the construction of the harmonious society in China.The train of thought on this paper is based on the previous theory study and experience conclusion, and it is about how to think the crime of the underworld organization in theory and how to prevent it. First of all, starting from the substantive characteristics of the underworld organizations in current China, this paper states the differences between the underworld organizations and other special criminal groups and positions the underworld organizations in criminal law. Then, this paper puts the Taizhou city as a object of empirical research. According to the introduction of birth and development of the crime of the underworld organizations, it has analyzed the nature and the components of the underworld organizations, explained why do crimes of underworld organizations exist and put forward the methods to fight and check the development of crimes underworld organizations.The study of China’s crimes of underworld is based on the point of view of the theory and the demonstration in this paper. Six chapters included in the paper. ChapterⅠ, introduction. Including the background the topic selecting, purpose of the research, meaning of the theory and the value of practical application. Besides, the definition of the crimes of the underworld organizations is also included. ChapterⅡ, summarization of the theory. Firstly, it states the development of the crimes at abroad. Then, it focuses on the study processing of the crimes in China, from the definition of the concept, the conclusion of the characteristics, the division of the development processing to the argumentation of the related problems. ChapterⅢ, making Taizhou as the demonstration, it analyzed the characteristics of the current crimes. The crimes can be reflected in many aspects. Starting from the characteristics of organizations, economy and behavior, the author studied the stability and the systematicness of the organizations, the variety of the channels of accumulating money, and the violence of activity. ChapterⅣ, making Taizhou as the demonstration, it showed the development of the crimes. What’s more, it caught the new move of the underworld organizations:the violence resulting from debit and credit of illegal private banks, the exotic hobos’participation in underworld organizations and the range of business supporting crimes is from physical distribution, passenger transport and target market to drug trade. Chapter V, making Taizhou as the demonstration, it analyzed the social root of the birth and development of the crimes. The author studied the reason of the birth of the crimes from the aspects of the politics, society, economy and culture. The generation and development of underworld organizations are related to the following factors:the contradiction between the transition of economy and mechanism, the gap between economic lust and capital ability, the inconsistency between classes changing and social controlling, the crazy of rent-seeking and the cool of controlling and the extinct history and the permeation of foreign affairs. ChapterVI, based on the other chapters, it showed the methods to prevent the crimes of underworld organizations. At last, the main conclusions and the disadvantages were summed up.

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