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Xanthate Mediated Living Free Radical Polymerization of the Nonconjugated Vinyl Monomers

Author YanYueFang
Tutor ZhuXiuLin;ZhangWei
School Suzhou University
Course Polymer Chemistry and Physics
Keywords MADIX Xanthate Vinyl acetate Vinyl chloroacetate N - vinyl carbazole N-vinyl pyrrolidone Cholesterol Living polymerization
CLC O631.5
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Non-conjugated vinyl-based monomer due to the particularity of the structure , so that to achieve their active polymerization has certain difficulties still relatively small , the activity of non-conjugated vinyl monomers radical polymerizable reported by literature research and found that the reversible addition - fragmentation chain transfer method is the most effective method , which , compared with the general reversible addition - fragmentation chain transfer reaction (RAFT) reagents such as dithioester for xanthate of non-conjugated the polymerization of the vinyl monomer having a good controllability . This thesis mainly synthesized a series of different structures of the xanthate as RAFT agent examines the polymerization behavior of the non-conjugated vinyl monomer , synthesized functional end groups of the polymer . The main contents are as follows : (1) direct use of the commercial diisopropoxy xanthate (Isopropylxanthic disulfide DIP) as the source of RAFT agent , RAFT agent is generated in situ by reaction investigated the RAFT agent and AIBN three typical non-conjugated vinyl -based monomer , vinyl acetate ester ( VAC ) , azole (NVC) , N - vinyl carbazole , N - vinyl pyrrolidone (NVP) polymerization behavior . Polymerization behavior showed a \The use of NMR spectra , UV-visible spectroscopy and macromolecular mass spectrometry were used to characterize the structure of the polymer . RAFT polymerization of industrialization , the results of the system provides a valuable reference . (2) Synthesis of a RAFT agent for three different structures of the Z group to cholesterol , cholesterol group xanthan acid benzyl ester (O-cholesterol-S-(1-phenylmethyl) dithiocarbonate), 3β- cholesterol group xanthan benzyl ester (O-3β-cholesterol-S-(1-phenylmethyl) dithiocarbonate) and cholesterol group xanthan acid-2 - bromo- propionic acid ethyl ester ( O the cholesterol the-S - ( 2- bromo ethyl propionate ) ) . Investigated over several RAFT agent on the behavior of the vinyl acetate (VAc) and vinyl chloroacetate (VACl) , a polymerization regulator , and characterization of the obtained polymer chain extension reaction and NMR spectra . Under the control of several structures above the RAFT agent , VAc VACl showed a \RAFT agent structure the polymerization behavior VAc and VACl of obvious .

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