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Numerical Simulation of Flow Field for Horizontal Grinding Stirred Mill and Its Study on Comminuting Mechanism

Author ZhaoYanPing
Tutor LiShiZuo
School Kunming University of Science and Technology
Course Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation
Keywords Superfine stirring mill Ultrafine grinding Navier-Stokes equations Numerical Simulation Pulverizer management
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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The superfine stir ultrafine grinding mill is the most promising and one of the highest energy utilization ultrafine grinding equipment, occupies an important position in mineral ultrafine grinding machining. How to reduce production costs and improve the superfine stirring mill grinding efficiency scholars issues of mutual concern. There are many factors that impact ultrafine stirred mill crushing effect, but in order to identify the main factors and how these factors affect the crushing effect, you need to first understand the flow characteristics of ultrafine stirring mill. To study the subject commissioned by a professional in Wuxi powder processing equipment company, the company used a horizontal ultrafine stirring mill, by analyzing the the mill internal flow field to identify the crushing effect of influencing factors to improve of ultra-fine grinding mill effect, and reduce costs. Experimental measurement of costs and a longer period. In this paper, the numerical simulation method to analyze the flow field characteristics of ultrafine stirring mill. Stirring according to ultrafine mill structure and working principle, the using UG software of powerful, horizontal stirred mill grinding chamber internal flow field in a three-dimensional modeling. By numerical methods, analysis of the internal part of the flow field performance milling process in the grinding chamber and stirred mill grinder rationale was based on in-depth study. Made to examine the value of research to improve the mill crushing effect, following the work done for this paper and the main conclusions: (1) a summary of the domestic and international research in the stirred mill, Looking to the future direction of development, introduction the stirred mill internal flow field numerical calculation method. (2) the use of three-dimensional modeling software UG stirred mill flow field of geometric modeling of the ultrafine mill grinding indoor fluid filled area model. Then combined mesh generation technology, will need to calculate the fluid region imported into meshing software GAMBIT meshing complete numerical simulation of pre-treatment. (3) stirring mill internal flow field for the laminar flow state, numerical simulations in FLUENT software to visualize the flow of the pulp in the laminar flow state, the speed of the flow field and shear rate distribution analysis, found grinding crushing action occurs mainly region pointed out that the different regions of the primary shredder rationale is different. Through three different speed lower the contrast of the flow field, analyze the impact of speed on the crushing effect. (4) high speed stirring mill internal flow field in a turbulent state, FLUENT software the stirred mill turbulence field constant simulation visual display of the internal flow field, obtained under the turbulent state of the relative velocity vector maps, maps of the turbulent kinetic energy, turbulent kinetic energy dissipation rate distribution. Preliminary exploration stir performance of mill turbulence field based on the results of its calculations. The research results of the research and development of high-speed stirring mill to provide the theoretical basis for production practice has a certain significance. (5) based on the simulation results, illustrate stirred mill pulverizer management. The study concluded that: the ultrafine stirring mill using a grinding medium between the extrusion pressure, a small amount of shear force and impact force to the grinding of the material particles, pulverized primarily pulverized in a friction based. The article concludes with a summary of the experience of this issue, and put forward relevant proposals as well as the outlook for the follow-

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