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Study on the Drive and Control Technology of Hybrid Excitation Switched Reluctance Motor

Author HuLiJie
Tutor KouBaoQuan
School Harbin Institute of Technology
Course Motor and electrical
Keywords Hybrid Excitation Switched reluctance motor Torque Control Permanent magnet flux
Type Master's thesis
Year 2006
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Traditional switched reluctance motor has a simple structure , sturdy , reliable operation , high efficiency , wide range of applications . The hybrid excitation switched reluctance motor is a combination of new motor switched reluctance motor with a high-performance rare earth permanent magnet material , and it not only inherits the advantages of a switched reluctance motor , but also improves the traditional switched reluctance motor electromagnetic torque , In this paper, this new type of motor drive control technology . Thesis summarized overview of the development and research status of switched reluctance motor ; summed up the advantages and disadvantages of a switched reluctance motor , and the existing types of power converter and control strategy analysis type power converter as well as the advantages and disadvantages of control strategies . Secondly, the the hybrid excitation switched reluctance motor switched reluctance motor compared to the detailed analysis of the structure and working principle of the hybrid excitation switched reluctance motor and electromagnetic torque analysis , on this basis , the proposed a control method of the motor output torque can be improved , this method uses a phase currents to create the time and the off -phase current of a power converter of the freewheeling time can be shortened to open , and its introduction to cause the conduction angle of the motor increases , so that the increase the output torque of the motor ; correctness of the analysis in order to verify this theory , this paper MATHEMATIC mathematical simulation , optimization of motor switching angles at rated speed , constant power segment , consistent results with the theoretical analysis . Finally, the design of hybrid excitation switched reluctance motor drive system using the signal processor TSM320LF2407A core chip , the preparation and control software ; addition, the application of MATLAB simulation software , simulation of the motor speed , draw speed simulation waveforms given speed match to verify the correctness of the design and modeling of speed control .

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