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The Research of Power Load Management System on Data Acquisition Terminal and Its Commicational Protocol

Author PangChun
Tutor HuLinXian
School Harbin Institute of Technology
Course Proceedings of the
Keywords Power Load Management System GPRS Communication protocol Data acquisition FFT
Type Master's thesis
Year 2006
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Early 1990s, due to the power supply, in order to achieve the purpose of power rationing electricity users do not wind up in many parts of the construction of the electric load management systems, but these systems are single function, poor technology and opening up, not organic and other information systems integration the formation of a complete power marketing and service platform. With the development and supply of electricity to ease the functional requirements of the system is also increasing. Functions on the expansion caused by the collection and monitoring of the parameter is increased, and also increased the accuracy of data acquisition, communication rate, and reliability requirements. Therefore, developed to facilitate the expansion of a new type of power load management system has become imperative. Firstly a detailed analysis of the functional requirements of a new generation of power load management system, the design of a new type of power load management system structure, and detailed planning of the electric load management master power load management terminal device and wireless data communication network three major part of the specific function. Solve the early power load management system data transmission efficiency is low, single function, poor technology development. In this paper, unified communication protocol to the existing power load management system, the manufacturers product is not compatible with this problem, ISO-OSI-based system standard developed an efficient, reliable, versatile, suitable for data between the main station and terminal The transmission of the communication protocol. Variable-length frame transmission data (up to 255 bytes) of the Statute, to improve the rate of the communication system, and is suitable for point-to-point, multi-point collinear and point-to-multipoint communication. Single amount of data collection terminal for the the original power load management system, real-time response to the shortcomings of poor design able to collect a variety of data amount of high-speed, high-precision intelligent power load management data collection terminals, greatly enhanced the power load management system . The terminal performance LPC2214 microcontroller as the main control circuit, the use of fast, simple FFT algorithm to calculate power parameters, compared with the previous 8-bit, 16-bit microcontroller data collection terminal with computing ability, processing speed, simple peripheral circuits and high reliability. Finally debugging software written using Visual C terminal test, the test results show that the terminal to meet the system requirements of accuracy, speed and reliability of data collection terminal. The terminal has a low-cost, high-speed, high-precision, high-reliability characteristics.

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