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Region Stability Control for Singular Systems

Author ZhangLinFang
Tutor ZhouWuNeng
School Zhejiang Normal University
Course Operational Research and Cybernetics
Keywords Uncertainty delay Singular Systems alpha - stable Robust Control H_ ∞ control State feedback Output Feedback
CLC O231.1
Type Master's thesis
Year 2006
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Stability is a prerequisite for the normal operation of the actual system, and regional stability can make the system stable and has a particular performance, such as the poles of the system control area D_α = {z ∈ C: Rez <-alpha} (alpha> 0) can ensure that the system has a degree of alpha-decay, to speed up the convergence speed, so the study of regional stability issues has always been a system control theory of the important issues. Furthermore, in the actual industrial production process, inevitably there will be a variety of error or not dynamic modeling a dynamic system are generated some uncertainty. Embodied in the system parameters and controller, in which non-fragile controller. Need to ensure that industrial production under uncertainty still regional stability and other dynamic performance, makes the study of regional stability control of uncertain systems compelling. In addition, the actual process of industrial production, there are still a large number of hysteresis, and these often hysteresis area stability of the controlled system and the system will seriously affect the other performance indicators. H_ ∞ control theory can be successfully resolved the problem of robust stability and interference suppression is controlled areas has received considerable attention and full development of the specific requirements to design the dynamic compensation, making it outside interference. inhibited, and in the case of outside interference does not exist, the dynamic compensator still be able to make the closed-loop system is asymptotically stable. Singular systems due to its better describes the physical characteristics and become a powerful tool for the description and depiction of many practical systems, such as electronic network systems, power systems, economic systems, mechanical systems, chemical process systems, missile systems, aeronautical engineering and so on. Singular system of regional stability and the corresponding controller design and H_ ∞ control problem has important theoretical and engineering. Using linear transformation, linear matrix inequalities, Lyapunov function method several continuous singular system of regional stability and the corresponding controller design. The main contents and results are as follows: 1) to consider H_ ∞ state feedback control and output feedback control problem for a class of uncertain singular systems with time robust alpha stability constraints. For a class of singular systems with time with parametric uncertainties, assumptions considered singular system is regular premise, for all admissible uncertainties, design a state feedback controller so that the closed-loop system is not only a regular pulse and alpha-stable

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