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Investment Control to Water Conservancy Project

Author GaoWei
Tutor CaiHuanJie
School Northwest University of Science and Technology
Course Agricultural Soil and Water Engineering
Keywords water conservancy project construction investment control
CLC F426.91
Type Master's thesis
Year 2005
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With the transition from socialist planned economy to socialist market economy, basic construction management pattern of water conservancy project has been completely changed. In investment system, the highly centralized investment pattern that depends on traditional planned economy has been broken, and the new investment pattern, which is numerous subject of investment, many channels for the source of capital, diversified investment way and market construction project, has been initially formed. In the phase of construction management regime, by implementation the reform in the system of legal person responsible for project, the system of public bidding for project, the system of construction and supervision and the system of contract management, the basic pattern of project construction management, which is centralized with the system of legal person responsible for project, make the system of public bidding for project, the system of construction and supervision and the system of contract management to be the services system, has been initially formed too. But in practice, investment control, the key of the three current project construction control objectives, is serious. Why?By theoretical analysis and the construction of engineering examples, this paper completely studies the reason in detail why the investment of water project construction is always out of control, and puts forward the corresponding improving measures and proposals.At first, as viewed from the social environment in construction, compared with the developed countries and areas, the construction investment system of water conservancy project is mature, but for the special history and tradition of our nation, the atmosphere in law in this field has not formed in society. In construction of water conservancy project, the obligations, rights and interests of builders (government, project legal person, supervisor and contractor) are ambiguity or disproportional. The situation, which is there are laws but little observation, slacking law enforcement and refraining from the law-breaker, is serious. The credit level of society is still green. The subject of construction market is immaturity. These results in the situation of construction management of water conservancy project are in confusion, and the investment is out of control. In order to solve the problem, the basic method is to determine the corresponding obligation, rights and interests of builders clearlyand correctly, strength and quicken the construction of the law and make law play an absolute role in society. At present, "construction management contracting" should be implementation energetically.Second, as viewed from the process of construction management of water conservancy project, investment decision-making stage is the most important to investment control in construction period, that is, the possibility of saving investment is greatest. After investment decision-making, design phase also plays an important role to investment control. In fact, lots of design contain in decision-making phase, bid phase and construction phase, so design is critical to investment control of water conservancy project. As the preparing and planning period of complete investment implementation, bid period plays an important role to investment control. The possibility of reducing investment in construction period is slight, but the possibility of wasting investment is much great, so much attention should be paid to.On the basis of predecessor about investment control theory of water conservancy project, this paper develops and puts forward some my own new viewpoints: the reasons why investment is always out of control at present and the relevant solving measures;the specific processor and frame about limited cost design of water conservancy project;the specific method of improving design cost calculation;the determination of cost in assessment;the guarantee of making the owner conform to the contract legally-;the determining principle of price of new items;the figure points for earth-rock and concealed work.

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