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Research on Developmental Strategies of Commercial Fitness Clubs in Nanning Based on SWOT Analysis

Author QuanYueHua
Tutor MoShaoQiang
School Guangxi Normal University
Course Humane and Sociological Science of Sports
Keywords nanning city Commercial Fitness Club SWOT analysis development strategies
CLC G80-05
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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With the economic development as well as the people’s living standards increasing, people’s s sport awareness and sport consumption awareness are also improvement. People began to care about health issues in spare time. Participation in various sports to stay healthy became the subject of society. At the same time, sports industry is flourishing in out country. The development of commercial health club extended from the coastal city to the country. Fitness Club has provided a physical training laces to people. Nanning City Commercial Fitness Club is one of the representatives of out country’s Commercial Fitness Club. Nanning is the capital of guangxi and the major city of western development. Nanning City Commercial Fitness Club play a leading role for other city in guangxi. They can enhance the residents physical, but also to promote national fitness campaign in western. This paper according to the requirements of SWOT analysis, using literature data, field visits, interviews, questionnaires, and mathematical statistics, to analysis the external environment and internal environment of Commercial Fitness Club management and development in Nanning. Then most important is summary the advantages and disadvantages factors in internal environment, opportunity factors and threats factors in external environment. Opportunity factor:(1) Policies and regulation have tended to encourage the development of the club.(2)Economic growth so fast in nanning.(3)Population increase every year in naming. Potential market is so big.(4)Nanning has a lot of university resources. Threats factor:(1)low need to be improved and implemented.(2) Commercial Fitness Club lack cooperation between government.(3)There are adverse price competition between the various clubs.(4)Other fitness market has affect to Commercial Fitness Club. Advantages factor(1)Nanning Commercial Fitness Club with mainly medium and large scale that price is not high.(2)Personal coaches engage sport woke before they do this job. These coaches have received higher education. (4)The motivation of Fitness member is right and active.(5)Club brand image is better in people. Members is satisfied about the management of club. Disadvantages factor:(1)Chain business model is still infancy in Nanning Commercial Fitness Club.(2)Club’s advertising and promotions is so simple.(3)Personal coaches certification is not reasonable whose work experience needs to be improved.(4)The rate of use is not reasonable for club that using rate is low too.(5) Nanning Commercial Fitness Club lack the unique curriculum.(6)Mainly of members in club is middle-aged that young man and old man is less.Creating a SWOT matrix after we analysis those factor. We play dominant factor in accordance with matrix to overcome disadvantage factors, using of the opportunity factor, resolving threats factor to formulate some plan that it can help Nanning Commercial Fitness Club develop with healthy, stable and sustained. Following plan is come form this paper: (1) Government departments should improve relevant legislation to support the development of the club. (2) Club should cooperate with the government to improve the sports awareness and sport consumer awareness for people. (3) Clubs should adopt the mode of chain management. (4) Club advertising and promotions should be strengthened. (5) Club should make use of university resources to improve the quality of private coaches. (6) Club should improve the curriculum and management of equipment to expand consumer groups. (7) Club should improve service quality and management level. (8) Club should learn something experiences from other successful at our country or abroad.

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