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The Training Thinking about Art Teaching in the Primary School

Author PingZuoZuo
Tutor ChenQiHe
School Guangzhou University
Course Subject Teaching
Keywords primary school at teaching stimulate interest stimulate association Conversion training
CLC G623.75
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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According to the research of primary school age "the curriculum standard of the Full-time Compulsory Education", Arts courses Should attach importance to students individual characters and innovative spirit, adopt various methods make thinking of students, flexibility and unique development. the maximum development potential of creation. Associations thinking is the creation of art to diversity and the key to success, through the survey we found the arts courses limited to conditions of the art school, a single class mode and we found in the teaching practice,Many children are lack of naivety and imagination.Thesis is mainly through practice how to transform associative thinking in art lesson to help students do research on ability of art creation. It is an art of associative thinking that requires start from reality individualized.This papar focuses on researching different ways about how to promote students’ transform associative thinking through research,analysis,case studies,observation and comparision.By efficient ways to strengthen the transformation of art association thinking,build a nice art environment,such as combination art with other subjects,drawing diary,drawing and recording so that students can find enjoyment in work.The contains of this paper introduced the necessity of transform associative thinking training for primary art,deeply analyse a process:cause interest—promote imagination—stimuate association,and suggest measures in every process,the conditions of cause interest,the ways of promote imagination.such as:1. Spatial and temporal changes in morphology 2_Combined transplantation,3.Exaggeration,4.Summarzation.Expound the relationship between association and imagation:Association links between memory and association,the way to strenghen memory are:1.Stories to strengthen memory.2.Songs to strengthen memory.3.Simple symbols to strengthen memory. 4.Stimulate interests to strengthen memory. The subject studies the associative thinking into specific methods as well. And direction from the breadth and depth of discussion let students in the process of exploration success. In the depth of associative thinking,we should note,creative thinking,we are involved in the breadth analogy training develop a similar association into training, training similar association, the reverse training, training association by contrast, reasoning training,develop cause and effect association,divergent training,free association training,ect,and design practice for these training programs. In addition, the subject also encourages students to sure about the study of innovation, to the combination of art and the accumulation of material in various forms for the associative thinking and lays a solid foundation,variety of art activities undertaken and create a good cultural atmosphere to enable students to appreciate the beauty in every class,from all the beauty in every class, from all the aspects to stimulate association ability of students and improve the quality of students. Under the guidance of theoretical basis, proposed specific recommendations for operational methods.

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