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Design Control Algorithm of A Dynamic Positioning System for the Large Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger

Author YinZhiHua
Tutor YuMengZuo
School Jiangsu University of Science and Technology
Course Control Theory and Control Engineering
Keywords Trailing suction hopper dredger Dynamic Positioning Kalman filter Fuzzy PID Local optimal backstepping
CLC U674.31
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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The dynamic positioning trailing suction hopper dredger precise the dredging positioning, speed up dredging speed improve dredging grade, and an important guarantee for Dredging economic benefits. It has not water depth restrictions put into evacuated quickly and advantages, and can make the boat to achieve precise maneuvering. The project in support of high-tech research projects in Jiangsu Province Science and Technology Department, proposed a \Dredging mode for dynamic positioning system according to the requirements of the trailing suction hopper dredger control system, the mathematical model, digital filtering, control algorithms and related issues of the thesis has a clear engineering background and practical value. Its main contribution is as follows: for the trailing suction hopper dredger complex workflows, taking into account the trailing suction hopper dredger dredging process stage eight modes when the trailing suction hopper dredger dredging, DT low speed dredging The calculation of the bow the rake tube compensation force and DP bow spray when the spray recoil compensation, and storms flow and other environmental forces carried out a detailed introduction, for subsequent chapters lay a solid foundation. This paper focuses on the DP part. According to the motion characteristics of a large trailing suction hopper dredger dredging mathematical model of the low-frequency and high-frequency filtering its high-frequency part of the focus on the use of the Kalman filter, and the preparation of the Matlab simulation and C language filter program explores stability and convergence of the Kalman filter, the convergence discrimination method and improvement measures. Simulation results show that: the discrete Kalman filter has good filtering effect, you can filter out high frequency signal to be able to meet the engineering needs of the real ship. For practical application, it is difficult to establish a trailing suction dredger precise mathematical model, part of the controller design, this topic is the use of fuzzy PID control algorithm as a dynamic positioning system engineering applications. Conscientiously sum up and analyze the experience of the real ship staff based on the idea of ​​control depending on deviation range, and the formulation of the fuzzy rules using Fuzzy module Matlab and Simulink DP mode under full load, half load position and bow, unloaded three cases under respectively simulation, and a comprehensive analysis and comparison. The simulation results show that: based on the fuzzy PID controller can obtain better system dynamic performance and steady performance to meet the control needs of the real ship, with the actual value of the works. Learn the Norwegian University TIFossen doctoral research outcomes based on trailing suction hopper dredger system of nonlinear innovative local optimal backstepping suction dredging, a rake ship dynamic positioning control system were some of the theoretical aspects of research, analysis and design work. The main contribution of the thesis and the research results have been applied on a large trailing suction hopper dredger, the real ship Waterway Bureau, the company and mentor recognition and praise.

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