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Studies on Photosynthetic Response of Phragmites Communis to Global Climate Change on the Songnen Grassland in Northeastern China

Author MaLueGeng
Tutor GuoJiXun
School Northeast Normal University
Course Grassland
Keywords Global Environmental Change Warming Nitrogen Doubled CO2 Photosynthetic characteristics
CLC S812
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Songnen grassland in Northeast China under natural conditions to OTC-1 open-top chambers simulate CO 2 concentration increased ; analog instrument with infrared heating temperature ; through artificial application of N fertilizer to simulate nitrogen deposition analysis determined reed leaf photosynthetic characteristics of the main parameters , attempts to explore the reed photosynthetic characteristics in response to global change processes . Simulation results show that under the conditions of global climate change reed leaf net photosynthetic rate, transpiration rate, water use efficiency, photosynthetic pigments and accumulation of photosynthetic products volume change significantly . Increase the content of photosynthetic pigments , improve plant photosynthetic rate, increased accumulation of photosynthetic products , is conducive to plant photosynthesis . But also shows that water use efficiency of plants , photosynthesis occurs center pigment relative content decreasing trend . Long period of high CO 2 concentrations , temperatures , will damage the plant photosynthesis system to reduce photosynthetic capabilities of plants , and thus not conducive to plant growth and development , undermining the balance of terrestrial ecosystems .

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