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The Urban Ecosystem Health Assessment of the Henan Province

Author ZuoJie
Tutor WuMingZuo
School Henan Agricultural University
Course Ecology
Keywords Urban Ecosystem Health Index system Evaluate Zhengzhou City Henan Province
CLC X826
Type Master's thesis
Year 2006
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The city is the product of the development of human society, economy and culture, is the the ecosystem most complex ecological type. Accelerating urbanization has given rise to a series of ecological problems threatening human survival and sustainable development, the city to highlight the unhealthy symptoms. Solve the problem of urban ecology to stop the deterioration of ecological environment, rational use of effective resources, has become extremely concerned about the major issues of the countries in the world. The new ideas of the theory and method of ecosystem health as ecology, applied to the study of urban ecology, unfavorable factors can be found in the stress of urban ecosystems, human activities that encourage urban ecosystem health morbid make corrections and adjustments, provide ecosystem management mechanisms and countermeasures able to maintain excellent urban ecological environment of the urban economy in a time of rapid growth. This article summarizes the theory of ecosystems and connotation of urban ecosystem and urban ecosystem health evaluation. List evaluation methods commonly used in recent years. This article is based on principal component analysis and analytic hierarchy process method of combining, the establishment of the vitality, organizational structure, resilience, maintain ecosystem services, the five elements of population health-based index system, to further determine the index weight; mathematical model of the urban ecosystem health evaluation. The article of the raw data from the Statistical Yearbook and the Environment of the Government announcement. Zhengzhou City, 1999-2004 urban ecosystem health level changes based on this research trajectory and 2004 in 18 cities in Henan Province of ecosystem health level. Draw the following conclusions: 1.1999-2004, Zhengzhou City, the city health status in a morbid, unhealthy, hovering between critical. In addition to 2002, the overall health level in six years of Zhengzhou City is an upward trend, the various elements of the health level is progress. From various elements of analysis, the largest increase vitality elements, Zhengzhou City put in a lot of effort to increase the gross domestic product (GDP), increased foreign investment, focus on saving social construction; fluctuations health level of the organizational structure, which with the elements The number and the proportion of tertiary industry in professional and technical personnel have a great relationship. Restoring force above the critical state annually healthy level membership and variations not equal similar to the previous three years, the biggest difference is in 2004, from this it can be seen, the government pay more attention to the city's environmental protection and sustainable The ability to put a lot of material and financial resources to develop the processing and recycling of pollutants, making the society more harmonious. Maintain ecosystem services critical state membership and other standards than the more prominent people's quality of life and the quality of the environment has improved to some extent, but a reflection of the data is not very clear, the description of the elements in the individual indicators status in decline. Population health continued to perform the five elements of best consecutive six sick membership is almost all zero. The combination of numerical drawn favorable factors affect ecosystem health in Zhengzhou City, resilience and population health, adverse factor is the organizational structure and maintain ecosystem services. 2. System health in Henan Province in 2004 in 18 cities from the whole, the elements of the natural terrain differences. Sort of the level of health of the 18 cities: Zhengzhou, Luoyang> Puyang> Sanmenxia> Jiyuan> Xuchang> Xinxiang> Hebi> Anyang> Pingdingshan> Luohe> Jiaozuo> Kaifeng> Nanyang> Xinyang> Zhoukou> Shangqiu> Zhumadian. Zhengzhou, Luoyang, Puyang, Sanmenxia, ​​Jiyuan, Xuchang, Xinxiang, Hebi, Anyang, Pingdingshan is in a critical state; Luohe, Jiaozuo, Kaifeng three cities is unhealthy; final five cities morbid. These five cities are all located in the southern and eastern parts of the province spatial pattern. Article based on the results of the calculation analysis of the health status of each city and its elements of a healthy level and different spatial pattern differences lead to these cities healthy level of good or bad reasons, to identify specific differences, and then come to affect these urban ecosystem health favorable and unfavorable factors. According to the above conclusions, the city of Henan Province, ecosystem construction reasonably practicable recommendations:

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