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A Study on the Time-Dependent Expression of Caspase-8in Acute β-irradiated Skin Injury in Rats

Author GaoChao
Tutor LuXingAn
School Suzhou University
Course Burns and Plastic Surgery
Keywords β-ray caspase-8 Radiation-induced skin damage Apoptosis Wound healing
CLC R818
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Objective: To study the dynamic changes of rats with acute beta-ray skin injury wound healing process of the expression of caspase-8, to explore the mechanism of acute beta ray skin damage wound difficult to heal, and provide some theoretical basis for clinical treatment. Methods: female SD rat 54 clean grade were randomly divided into three groups. Irradiation group, n = 24, the linear accelerator β-ray (45Gy) single rats were irradiated buttock skin 40mm × 30mm establish animal models of acute beta ray skin damage; incised wound group, n = 24, in sterile conditions after hip wale do a 15mm long full-thickness skin incision to create animal models of rat ordinary trauma, control as ordinary trauma; control group, n = 6, normal rats. Take different periods of skin wound tissue, using immunohistochemistry, Western blot detection methods such as observation time points rats wound local apoptotic changes and changes of caspase-8. Results: ① irradiation group: 2 weeks after irradiation, rats began to shed, three weeks of local skin redness, blisters, 4 weeks wound, and gradually increasing to five weeks the wound no longer increases. Incised wound group: wound presents the the conventional healing process. ② Immunohistochemistry showed that: the rat epidermal basal layer, spinous layer, granular layer cells and hair follicles, sebaceous glands, sweat gland epithelial cells caspase-8 were positive staining and expressed in the cytoplasm, with DAB significantly Secheng the brownish-yellow. 0,1,2,3 weeks integral absorbance of caspase-8 (IA) in the irradiated group wound appears significantly higher than the incised wound group which irradiated group wound appears two weeks after the highest levels of caspase-8 expression difference between the two statistics significance (p lt; 0.05). ③ Western blot results showed that: 0,1,2,3 weeks caspase-8 was significantly higher than the ratio of the optical density in the irradiation group wound appears incised wound group, the difference was statistically significant (p lt; 0.05). ④ in beta ray skin damage wound healing process, along with increased apoptosis, caspase-8 expression was significantly enhanced, and the occurrence of a corresponding frequency has a good relationship with apoptosis. Conclusion: ① acute β ray skin damage wound cells apoptosis trauma than ordinary high frequency, long duration, may be one of the important reasons for difficult to heal the wounds. ② the acute rat beta ray skin damage wound healing process, caspase-8 plays an important role. ③ According to the expression pattern of caspase-8, suggesting that the time of the beta ray skin damage, and further with the clinical treatment.

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