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Synthesis and Characterization of a Solube Ligand as a Catalyst for the Polymerization of MMA

Author TanZhe
Tutor BaoFeng
School Central China Normal University
Course Organic Chemistry
Keywords 1,1,2,2 - tetraacetyl ethane (TAE) Reverse ATRP ( RATRP ) Poly ( methyl methacrylate ) (PMMA)
CLC O631.5
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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Since Maty] iasezwksi and Wong Kam Shan reported for the first time after the the bipyridine system / Cu atom transfer catalyzed polymerization , the ligand atom transfer radical polymerization (ATRP) has been going on , ATRP polymerization of low molecular weight distribution the product has a significance , especially in the design of the star polymer has a unique advantage , and easy operation , to select the appropriate catalyst ligands can increase the activity of ATRP , and to obtain good polymerization product of the molecular weight distribution , so the product has a very important role in terms of the design of materials . Find a suitable ligand of high activity catalyst , has a great value in the industrial application for ATRP . But at present in the catalyst ligand which , the synthesis of a ligand having a larger molecular structure , the low solubility, the shortcomings of low catalytic activity of the ligand with the metal after the ligand is present in the solvent . Therefore, to find an appropriate catalyst to its better solubility of the complexes in a solvent , to improve its catalytic activity is the important work of the present study ATRP . Synthesized in our laboratory double -1 - phenyl-1 ,3 - dione benzene in anhydrous under anaerobic conditions catalyzed methyl methacrylate , styrene experiments a relatively narrow molecular weight distribution of the polymerization product can be obtained for based on the design and synthesis of the most simple 1,3 - diketones : 1,1,2,2 - tetraacetyl ethane , and is used to reverse atom transfer catalysis polymerization ( RATRP ) . Due to the 1,1,2,2 - tetraacetyl oxide structure is simple , have good solubility in a variety of non - protic solvent , and its complexes in these solvents at a certain temperature than good solubility in , and to its catalytic methyl methacrylate and other monomers having a good catalytic activity under certain conditions . The experimental results show that , under certain conditions , to 1,1,2,2 - tetraacetyl ethane / Co and 1,1,2,2 - tetraacetyl ethylene oxide / Ni catalyst system of MMA has good controllable.

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