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Study on Biological Characteristics and Processing Technology of Cornus Officinalis

Author WuWeiGang
Tutor ZhangZhongYi;SunYaoZhi
School Henan Agricultural University
Course Agricultural Extension
Keywords Dogwood Biological characteristics Harvest time Initial processing Active ingredients
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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Species of dogwood (Cornus officinalis Sieb.et Zucc.) For Cornaceae dogwood medicinal dried ripe fruit pulp for the 2005 edition of \This product is acid, astringent, tepid, liver, and kidney by the liver and kidney tonic, astringent fine solid off the role, is Liu Wei Di Huang Pill, the main raw material of Bawei Series Di Huang Wan, the country's 40 flavor varieties of bulk herbs. In China are mainly distributed in provinces such as Henan, Zhejiang, Shaanxi, Henan producing areas are mainly concentrated in Xixia County. In recent years, gradually expanded the scope of its application, deepening dogwood pharmacology, efficacy studies. The study showed that the dogwood has hypoglycemic, anti-aging, enhanced immune function, role, can be used for the treatment of diabetes and other diseases, high medicinal value. Currently about the dogwood standardized cultivation research reported rarely, to standardize the the dogwood herbs market, improve the quality of medicine, the Xixia County dogwood experimental material, on dogwood flowering, fruiting habits and their relationship with temperature study clear dogwood in flowering , fruit growth and maturity of the external morphological changes, appearance quality standards system; combined with the determination of the effective index components to determine the optimum harvest time to select the best of the early process, dogwood standard operation procedures (standard operating procedure, S0P) formulation provides a theoretical basis. The main conclusions are as follows: 1, the dogwood flowering and fruiting habits and their relationship with the temperature in mid-March dogwood bud stage; 3 months late as the flowers open; late mid-April for the of dogwood fruit fruit retention period; 5 - quickly growing season for the fruit in early June; fruit slowly growing season in mid-June-July; the fruit internal filling period from early August to September; October-November dogwood fruit maturity. Mid-March (bud stage) the average daily temperature stabilized at 8 ℃ or 3 months late (flowers open period) the average daily temperature stable below 12 ℃, dogwood blossoms bud, flowering will be delayed. 2, the dynamic changes of the chemical composition of different ages dogwood pulp dogwood tree every 20-30 years conducted the once strong Zhizu update, strong Zhizu update period, dogwood tree is weak, the strong amount of general and smaller fruit The chemical composition of dry pulp content is also low, the level of of Different Ages drying pulp content and tree vigor, fruit of the full extent of a positive correlation. 20-30 years, 50-70 years old, more than 100 years, are in a strong exuberant period ,30-50 ,80-100 years in the branches renewal period. 3, dogwood harvested after the frost the best dogwood larger the content of Loganin with fresh fruit color relationship, appearance and color, the more light, the higher the content, dogwood fruit is fully colored (ie frost after harvest), water extract the alcohol extract content the highest Loganin content more stable. Dogwood after the frost, dogwood peel the flesh becomes red when harvested. 4, the beginning of the processing technology hot cook time of dogwood medicinal quality affect the largest early processing technology in hot cooking time quality of dogwood herbs the impact of the largest, other factors (share of drying time, drying temperature, turn kang interval) were not significant with impact . Hot cooking time should be judged according to the fruit water content, generally between 0-6 minutes, fresh fruit its hot to cook, the shorter the time the higher water content; the hot cooked too long, the alcohol extract, Loganin, the yield is lower Appearance is also poor, hot boiled water color red, and the water is very turbid, and part of the fruit has been boiled. Test analysis results, the best early process of the dogwood, after picking the fruit net after the election, blanched in boiling water and cook for 4 minutes, panning, the Lishui Airing 24 hours, mechanical nuclear, pulp transfer to a plate to plate 2 / 3, the temperature was adjusted to 65-70 ° C, every 80 minutes Total kang once until drying.

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