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The pedestrians secondary crossing facilities design and traffic organization plan

Author LinLin
Tutor Mao??
School Beijing Jiaotong University
Course Safety Technology and Engineering
Keywords pedestrian traffic pedestrian psychology facility of pedestrian twice crossing pedestrian refuge traffic simulation
CLC U491.226
Type Master's thesis
Year 2007
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Pedestrian is an important part of urban traffic system, and also a basilic mode of residents’traffic. With the rapid increase of motor vehicles, many serious conflicts among pedestrians and motor vehicles exist. In the intersection , the traffic signals is set up from the prospect of vehicle flow, so the number of pedestrian traffic signals is small and the phase of pedestrian is designed unreasonable. And in the mid-block, the pedestrian facilities consider not to interrupt the vehicle flow. So the human and reasonable pedestrian facilities lack. In such conditions, it is important to set up the human and reasonable facilities for pedestrian.Based on the analysis of pedestrian psychology and conflicts with other traffic flow, the dissertation studies characteristics of pedestrian behavior and safety problem in the mixed traffic and pedestrian facilities of pedestrian twice crossing. The main contents include three parts which are as follows.In the beginning, the dissertation comprehensive analyses pedestrian psychology, walking speed and traffic accident, and points out the relationship between pedestrian psychology and pedestrian delay, then summarizes the safe problems of cross street in one time, and gives out the mode of cross the street in two stages.Secondly, on the condition of reduce the interrupt of vehicle and improve pedestrian safety, the dissertation studies the pedestrian facility of cross street in two stages, including its installation conditions, structure, traffic signal control and traffic organizations. Then the dissertation analyzes the facility which is impact on vehicle and intersection, and points out that this facility can decrease the percentage of pedestrian crashes, and reduce exposure time in the traffic flow.In the third part of the dissertation, the microcosmic traffic simulation software, VISSIM, is used to further validate this kind facility impact on mid-block and level signal intersection. It designs two simulation cases for the Zhanlanguanlu mid-block and Yutannanqiao intersection, and chooses the evaluation criterion: mean delay, queue length, travel time. Then dissertation draws the integrative conclusion on the base of analysis of the field investigation data and simulation results.

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