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The Impoverished Mountainous Area Middle School Carries Out the Sunlight Sports Present Situation Research and Countermeasure

Author XiYu
Tutor QuanDeQing
School Xi'an Institute of Physical Education
Course Physical Education and Training
Keywords mountainous area in southern Shaanxi rural secondary schools the sun sport the status quo countermeasures
CLC G633.96
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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The sunlight sports are to promote the major and medium elementary student to participate in the physical training positively, the enhancement physique health, by the family, the school and the society organizes the integrated work in every way, the work center of gravity and mainly displays with emphasis is enhancing the student physique healthy horizontal plane. in October,2006, departments and so on Ministry of Education, General Administration of Sports had issued jointly the national student physique state of health, the major and medium elementary student’s physique has maintained the declining trend, the student physique state of health has some prominent problems, in view of this kind of situation, The Ministry of Education, the General Administration of Sports, the Central Committee of Communist Youth League after-cropped "about Has carried out National Trillion Student Sunlight Sports’ Notice", the national major and medium elementary school responded this summons in abundance, has started the sunlight sports development upsurge, has made certain progress. As a result of the region difference, factor restrictions and so on economy, nature, history, all levels of each kind of school also exists in the concrete development sunlight sports aspect the difference, also had many problems in the concrete implementation process, causes the Yangguan sports directly when the concrete implementation presented the formalism, to carry out the document by the document "to say important, did secondary, is busy at not wanting|" the phenomenon, especially is specially serious in impoverished mountainous area this kind of phenomenon. Therefore, develops the sunlight sports’ present situation to the impoverished mountainous area middle school to carry on the investigation and study, discovers the existence the question, embarks from the reality, proposed that the corresponding countermeasure appears especially essential.The present paper leaves the city far away countryside Junior middle school take Shanxi Province Shanyang County 8 as the object of study, take the middle-school student, the gym instructor, the School leader as the investigation object, mainly uses the literature material law, the questionnaire survey procedure, the statistical analytic method.In investigates and studies on the spot in the foundation draws the conclusion:(1) because the region and the economical difference, transmit message’s speed is different, the school takes the degree to be different, the Shanyang County countryside Junior middle school is holding the launching ceremony and the development time aspect has the difference. The major part middle and elementary schools’ leaders, the teacher and the student can realize that to the development sunlight sports’ important meaning, the majority of students participates in the physical training the enthusiasm to be very high, but in implementation time the School leader takes seriously insufficiently, the development sunlight sports’ propaganda way is quite unitary, propaganda dynamics is quite weak. (2) the major part school in the development sunlight sports’ process, the main form which uses is the physical education teaching and the extracurricular sports, the class and grade teaching and the entire school unification development configuration of organization primarily, forms and so on sports competition, games, sports mass organization, Sports club are very few, does not have nearly, the physical education class hour quantity arrangement insufficiency, the active time has not obtained the full guarantee, the graduating class student’s physical education existence is occupied specially the phenomenon, participates in the evaluation criteria and the method to the student is too unitary, the majority of schools have not purchased the measuring instrument, has not formed the perfect system, the sports atmosphere waits for strengthening. (3) the Shanyang County countryside middle school sports teachers troop by the young teacher primarily, the overwhelming majority is the undergraduate course school record, may be competent middle school’s sports teaching profession. But in the teacher provides, in quantity and the sex proportion has not achieved "School Sports Work Rule", "State Education Commission about Strengthens the standard which Elementary and middle schools Sports Teachers Troop Construction Opinion" stipulated that some 70% above school have not provided the female gym instructor, the gym instructor work load is big, scientific research consciousness is quite light, after the duty, the training situation is unoptimistic. (4)the countryside middle school comes under condition influences and so on nature, geography and history, economic development relative backwardness, the land is intense, the educational expenditure gap is big, school sports funds serious insufficient, location equipment extreme deficient, thus causes the school sports teaching, the extracurricular sports and so on not to be able to develop normally, serious influence to sunlight sports’ implementation quality.In order to cause the Shanyang County countryside Junior middle school better development sunlight sports, proposed that following suggested:(1) the utilization many kinds of propaganda methods, the expanded sunlight sports’ social impact, strives for the social strength the support and the participation, forms the social joint effort, promotes the sunlight sports’ development together. (2) the innovation development sunlight sports’ content and the configuration of organization, the movement project must diversify, increases the movement the fresh idea and the attraction, objective, appraises the student comprehensively at the participation sunlight sports’ performance, encourages many students on own initiative to participate in the sunlight sports initiative. (3) enlarges the sports funds investment dynamics, unifies the school actual situation, acts as circumstances permit, to follow "a thing multipurpose, a thing to use skillfully, science arrangement, rational distribution" principle, full reassignment subjective initiative, display creativity, self-made equipment, step-by-step approach school location and equipment insufficient question. (4) enlarges the sports laws and regulations to carry out dynamics, improves the gym instructor treatment, the perfect teacher training system, requests the school fulfiling exactly country curriculum to plan, do not occupy the compression sports class hour and the physical training time, establishes the sunlight sports persistent effect mechanism.

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