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Interfacial Adsorption Properties of Alkylaryl Sulfonates

Author TongWei
Tutor YuTao
School Daqing Petroleum Institute
Course Applied Chemistry
Keywords Alkyl aryl sulfonates Interface Adsorption properties
CLC O647.31
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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This article benzene and its homologues, fatty acid chloride and alkyl halides such as raw materials, fine synthetic eight clear structure, a single high-purity alkyl aryl sulfonate, its Code of DMФC12-1S the DMФC12-3S DMФC12 -5S, DMФC14-3S, DMФC16-3S, ФC14-3S, MФC14-3S and EФC14-3S. The two-phase titration method for the determination of the active substance content greater than 95%. Using the drop volume part of the sulfonate in the surface tension of an aqueous solution of 25 ° C were measured to obtain the amount of adsorption of the surfactant at each concentration; Investigation of NaCl, of NaOH and butanol sulfonate in the gas / liquid interface adsorption. The results show that As the concentration increased, the surface tension rapidly first reduced to a minimum value and then substantially constant; with an aryl group to the movement of the intermediate position of the carbon chain, the CMC, Am increases, γcmc, Γmax decline; With sulfonates carbon the growth of the chain, cmc, γcmc, Am decline, Γmax increases; addition of NaCl and NaOH, cmc, γcmc and The Am decreased, Γmax the increase; while the addition of n-butanol so the cmc, γcmc and the Γmax decreased, Am increases. The 45 ℃ interfacial tension between the four kinds of alkyl aryl sulfonate, with a series of n-alkanes using the spinning drop method for the determination. Interfacial tension changes over time gradually decreases until equilibrium is reached. The surfactant concentration of 1g / L, NaCl concentration of 2g / L, the volume fraction of n-amyl alcohol under the conditions of 1.5%, as the oil phase alkane carbon number increases, the dynamic interfacial tension shorten time to reach equilibrium; With sulfonamide salts aromatic ring on the increase in the number of short carbon chain, and the carbon number increases, the dynamic interfacial tension becomes long time to reach equilibrium, and nmin gradually increases, DMФC14-3S and EФC14-3S reached when the value of its nmin ultralow interfacial tension, interfacial adsorption behavior. And NaCl concentration of alcohol structure and its concentration DMФC14-3S solution and n-decane interfacial tension between. The solid / liquid interfacial adsorption of liquid to solid ratio of 50, the saturation adsorption time of 24h. Investigated sulfonates structure and additives in the oil sands surface adsorption amount of sulfonate, the results show that, in the experimental range, the amount of adsorption increased with increasing sulfonate concentration reached equilibrium; temperature high conducive to adsorption;, the adsorption amount is gradually increased with increasing concentrations of NaCl and NaOH; gradually decreases with increasing concentration of n-butanol, the amount of adsorption; under the same conditions, with the moving of the position of the aryl group to the middle of the alkyl chain adsorption amount gradually decreases with the growth of the alkyl chain, the adsorption amount is increased.

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