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A Study on Effectiveness of Strategies-Based Instruction in English Listening Teaching in Senior High Schools

Author HanXiao
Tutor GaoHongBo
School Northeast Normal University
Course Subject Teaching
Keywords Learning strategies - based English teaching Listening Strategies Learning Strategies Learning strategy training
CLC G633.41
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Language communication ability with the social and economic development, more and more attention by people. Listening English daily exchange process, has played a decisive role in language communication ability raise awareness. Listening, speaking, reading, writing four basic language skills, listening is the most basic and most primary skills, \However, due to the lack of appropriate training and teaching of effective learning strategies, coupled with the hearing to learn the characteristics of many students feel that it is the most difficult to learn and master one aspect. According to the China Foreign Language Teaching Research Center, a high school English teachers teaching status survey, 25.9% of teachers think that the \English learning strategy training teachers and students this is very necessary, which will help improve the efficiency of high school students in English learning. From the 1970s, at home and abroad, many researchers began the study of learning strategies and listening strategies, many foreign language teaching researchers believe that there is a certain: the effective use of English learning strategies learners' ability to learn the culture and academic performance improvement role in promoting. So more and more scholars began to focus on the English learner strategy training. Weaver Cohen (1994) proposed a more comprehensive strategy for the training of the teaching mode, the policy and training them into foreign language teaching (Strategies-Based Instruction) by learning strategy training in English teaching. SBI is a learner-centered teaching method, explicit or implicit strategy training strategy into the classroom teaching content, to ensure that students become excellent independent learners in independent learning language process. The main purpose of this paper is to investigate the effectiveness of learning strategies based English teaching (Strategies-Based Strategies) hearing teaching. In this trial, the authors selected two natural classes of Heilongjiang Province, a city high school as an object of study, and tracking survey research, two classes taught by a teacher, A Class (experimental class) based learning strategy training English Teaching Listening Teaching and B classes (control classes) using traditional English listening teaching. After a four-month follow-up survey, the post-test results show the experimental class of visible progress in the achievement of English listening, while the control class is not made obvious progress. By comparing that: based on English teaching learning strategies can effectively improve the students' English listening ability.

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