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The Research on Development of Controller for EV PMSM Based on TMS320F2812

Author XiaoJing
Tutor WanXiaoFeng
School Nanchang University
Course Control Theory and Control Engineering
Keywords Vector control Permanent magnet synchronous motor Pure electric vehicles DSP Matlab / SIMULINK
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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With the dramatic growth of the global car ownership, the traditional fuel vehicles to bring people convenience, while more and more serious harm caused to the human environment. Pure electric vehicles in rechargeable battery for energy transport, with zero-emission non-polluting outstanding advantages, very broad prospects for development. Motor and motor controller is a core part of the electric vehicle power system. This selection of the permanent magnet synchronous motor as the car with the motor, using high-speed DSP (TMS320F2812) as the core chip control circuit, and build a set speed control system to drive permanent magnet synchronous motor. The main content of this paper is as follows: First, the origin of the permanent magnet synchronous motor, combined with its structure and characteristics, and the establishment of a mathematical model of the permanent magnet synchronous motor. Decouple the use of coordinate transformation theory, the mathematical model of the motor, and a detailed description of the permanent magnet synchronous motor vector control theory and strategy, and then comparing several common vector control method, results reveal the speed control system using the id = 0 vector control method. Secondly, the design of a DSP chip TMS320F2812 vector control variable frequency speed control system. The hardware circuit of the system, including the main circuit, the inverter circuit, detection control circuit, the power drive circuit, the protection circuit and the power supply circuit. According to the characteristics of each circuit core chip, combined with some of the important components of the parameters calculated, complete system hardware circuit design and debugging; system software design, hardware circuit and DSP chip hardware resources and characteristics in achieving stable speed control system functions, take full advantage of the modular, object-oriented programming. Again, using Matlab / SIMULINK software the entire speed control system simulation. The main use of coordinate conversion model and SVPWM waveform generation model vector control of permanent magnet synchronous motor frequency control system model. The completion of the entire system model structure and parameters, system simulation results show that the system uses a vector control method, response speed has been significantly improved, dynamic and static performance has been improved to some extent. Finally, to complete the lower machine and the host machine's software design and debugging, lower machine DSP system's functions to achieve CCS2000 programming software, use the assembler and C language combined with modular programming, the various different functions of the module carried out independently programmed call between simply rules can be invoked, which greatly enhances the system's portability and modifiability. The host computer system using VC 6.0 programming software, VC serial communications protocol serial code issued by lower machine system converts the PC host computer data and fault display interface.

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