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Research on the Control Strategy for Improving Power Transmission Capability by Thyristor Controlled Series Compensation

Author ZhaoXiaoJian
Tutor ChenJinFu
School Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Course Proceedings of the
Keywords Power system transmission capacity TCSC Immune control Optimal Control
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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In recent years, the continuous development of the national economy so that the rapid growth of China's energy demand, therefore, the amount of electricity transported also will continue to increase. Our transmission system, the power of long-distance, large-scale transport account for a large proportion of the stability of the system is not strong, the power transmission level is not high to become the important issues facing our transmission system. Therefore, the research is of great significance for the development of China's electric power system to improve power system transmission capacity. Controlled Series Compensator (TCSC) is the present study the most mature FACTS devices. It can be based on the actual situation of the power system, the flexible adjustment of the capacitance value, to compensate for the total impedance of the transmission system, and to improve the operating performance of the power system. This paper focuses on the role of the TCSC to improve power system transmission capacity. First, this paper introduces the concept of power system transmission capacity and influencing factors, summarizes the various measures to improve the transmission capacity and its Research to do a brief analysis of the power system and TCSC. Secondly, the study the TCSC composition, working principle and operating characteristics. And elaborated on the basis of analysis of the stability of the power system, TCSC mechanism to improve the transmission capacity of the power system. In view of the the TCSC control strategies have an important role in its operating performance, this article focuses on the impact of the TCSC control strategies for power system operation, and under the control purposes, the TCSC control system is divided into two layers: stability control and impedance control. TCSC impedance control, this paper first design a PID controller, and PID control for TCSC given impedance control has good control, but for step command impedance control ineffective verified by simulation. PID controller of this shortcoming, the immune control algorithm and its improvements. Found through simulation can be greatly improved, improved immune PID controller of the the different command impedance response capacity and the ability to track and better able to improve the operation of the power system stability, improving transmission capacity. Finally, the power system nonlinear equation of state for precise linear state feedback precise linearization method and design based on the nonlinear optimal controller of TCSC. Simulation results show that the stable layer control of TCSC an important role in the operational stability of the power system, the design of TCSC nonlinear optimal control to improve the stability of the system is running and the transmission capacity in the suppression of the power system power and the power angle oscillation has a significant effect.

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