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A Study on the Interpretation Versions of Ming T’ai-tsu’s Shengyu Liuyan

Author WangSiXia
Tutor ZhaoKeSheng
School Northeast Normal University
Course History of Ancient China
Keywords Sheng Yu six words Sheng Yu preach Sheng Yu interpretation Version Township about
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Sheng Yu six words , also known as the the divine sayings six , six Christians , such as the Hadith six . September Hongwu 30 years ( 1397) , the first Ming emperor heralds the world : \on , live in the village, lessons descendants , the security of physiological , not for non ' . \Since then, the divine sayings passed wooden Tudor Township about genealogy , family motto , clubs , College , novels and other ways in folk have been widely disseminated. In the dissemination process , many literati personally , not only developed a solemn and tedious ritual for the preaching of the divine sayings and personally the the divine sayings contents of deducing and publicity , as well as numerous Sheng Yu interpretation of the text . This article aims to analyze the characteristics of these versions , and the Confucian civil process try to reveal similarities and differences between these versions . Sheng Yu six words not only plays an important role in the Ming Dynasty , but also has a far-reaching impact of the Qing Dynasty . On the content , Junji nine ( 1652 ) , the Manchu rulers came directly copied the emperor Sheng Yu six words , five cities in each hall the divine sayings held monthly synodic Township about , and preaching . Until Kangxi nine years ( 1670 ) , the Qing patriarchs before ingenuity , in the the the divine sayings six words based on the evolution of its \Yongzheng , 2002 (1724 ) , clear Sejong turn \Preach the way , the Ming Dynasty to preach the divine sayings borrowed Song folk Township about , and that this form of nationalization , the official , the formation of a new social education . Qing Dynasty, this model reproduces important , as well as the rule of the Qing Dynasty .

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