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The Numerical Analysis of Large Scale Egg-shaped Digester under Static Loads

Author GuanZuo
Tutor WangZuo
School Tianjin University
Course Structural Engineering
Keywords Oval digestion tank ANSYS software Parameterized The housing unit Solid elements Internal forces Prestressed
Type Master's thesis
Year 2006
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With the rapid development of computer and construction technology , the oval digestion tank as a new structure has been more and more applications . Oval digestion pool due to the large volume , the special structure to withstand the loads in various forms , so as to determine the size of the cell body and the deformation of the internal force analysis in its structural design occupies an important position . In this paper, a large general-purpose finite element software ANSYS shell and solid elements were used to establish the oval digestion tank model . The application of the housing unit to achieve the parametric modeling process to solve the problems of the wall continuous variable thickness as well as different types of unit links , can solve a series of different -sized oval digestion pool in the role of static deformation and internal forces ; Application Entity unit model , the model building process more convenient, but the results processing requires the use of the the APDL language itself the preparation of command flow extraction of the solid elements of the internal forces . The calculation results of the two models are compared , in good agreement . Applied differently for different models for prestressed problem in this article , the shell element model is applied in the form of equivalent loads analog prestressed role ; solid element model using discrete modeling the reinforced unit applied initial strain analog prestress . Both methods can get reasonable the wall internal force distribution . Finally, by calculating the volume of the same cell body size changes according to certain rules , ovate digestion tank , get to the bottom of the depth of control at the junction of the oval wall with the bottom of the cone and the depth determined in the same position , the bottom of the cone shell and egg shell portion of the boundary line with the R / H decreases gradually increased to above the ground from under the ground in both cases , the internal forces and the control relationship between the size , surface area and shape of the preliminary design stage for the ovate digestion pool the determination of the shape and size of the reference and basis .

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