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Study on Synthesis of Y Zeolite with Coal-Based Kaolin of Inner Mongolia and Its Capability of Catalytic Cracking

Author WangYi
Tutor QinYongNing
School Tianjin University
Course Industrial Catalysis
Keywords Coal kaolin Y zeolite Rare earths Oxalic acid Modified Cracking performance
CLC TE624.91
Type Master's thesis
Year 2006
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Kaolin resources in China is very rich , especially coal kaolin reserves in the world , and has a wide distribution , good quality , easy to exploit and conducive to deep processing characteristics . This year , with the development of China 's economy , the kaolin industry has also been developed by leaps and bounds . Kaolin type FCC catalyst in the field of petroleum refining , has become the main body of the FCC catalyst . However, the type of catalyst synthesis using non-coal Department of kaolin from Suzhou and other places , and use less coal kaolin in the field . In order to develop the characteristics of the kaolin resources in western China , the coal department kaolin synthetic Y zeolite FCC catalysts were studied, and the Y zeolite modified its Catalytic Cracking Performance . This study uses coal for the Department of kaolin as raw materials , synthetic zeolite Y hydrothermal synthesis method , through strict control of the experimental conditions , the synthesis of factors ; rare earth modified for the synthesis of zeolite Y and oxalic acid change and as the active component of catalyst cracking performance ; acid treatment of kaolin matrix as a catalyst , to study the cracking performance ; using XRD , BET , microreactor device characterization and performance evaluation of the various types of products . Experimental results show that : Inner Mongolia coal kaolin as raw materials can be a good Y -type zeolite synthesis, structure , control of the synthesis conditions for the formation of the molecular sieve is very important , the guide of the added amount of the control of the alkalinity of the solution and the crystallization time is affecting Zeolite the formation of the important factors. After the molecular sieve of rare earth modified and oxalic acid dealumination greatly changed in nature : acidic sites increased the hydrothermal stability enhancement , cracking ability . The use of acid-treated kaolin as catalyst substrate substitutionally inert kaolin original soil matrix cracking performance of the catalyst can be improved , increasing the capacity of the cracking of the heavy oil macromolecules .

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