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Study on Separation of Azeotrope Mixtures by Batch Extractive Distillation

Author ZhouJinBo
Tutor CuiXianBao
School Tianjin University
Course Chemical Engineering
Keywords Batch extractive distillation Solvent Selection UNIFAC Acetonitrile - toluene Acetonitrile - water Cyclohexane - butylamine Azeotropic - extractive distillation
CLC TQ028.31
Type Master's thesis
Year 2006
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In this paper, theoretical analysis and experimental method of combining , the main research azeotrope by extractive distillation solvent selection and azeotrope batch extractive distillation process . Solvent is selected by the group contribution method and molecular design combined with the method to select the solvent of acetonitrile - Toluene Mixture selected extractant xylene , trimethylbenzene , propylbenzene , diethyl benzene , 1,3 - dimethyl-5 - ethylbenzene , toluene, tert-butyl and tert-butylbenzene . The vapor-liquid equilibrium calculations for the selected extraction agent, UNIFAC activity coefficient model . The vapor-liquid equilibrium experimental determination of the acetonitrile - toluene - cumene , acetonitrile - toluene - tert-butyl toluene, acetonitrile - toluene - diethyl benzene vapor-liquid equilibrium data fitted acetonitrile - toluene -tert-butyl , toluene - tert- butyl toluene , acetonitrile - diethylbenzene and toluene - diethylbenzene Wilson activity coefficient equation parameters. Intermittent extractive distillation experiments investigated the the different extractant separation of acetonitrile - toluene azeotrope effects and to study the impact of different operating parameters of batch extractive distillation process . Using ethylene glycol as solvent intermittent extraction the distillation separation acetonitrile - water azeotropic mixture , measured acetonitrile - ethylene glycol vapor-liquid equilibrium data of the system , and fitting the Wilson activity coefficient equation parameters . Acetonitrile - water azeotrope batch extractive distillation experiments , experimental results show that the use of ethylene glycol as a solvent acetonitrile - water azeotropic mixture can be effectively separated . Intermittent azeotropic - extraction distillation concepts and using the cyclohexane - butanamine azeotropic system with water as entrainer distillation process of intermittent azeotropic - extraction were studied.

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