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Study on the Total-reflux Concentrating and No-reflux Withdrawing Process of Batch Distillation

Author ZhuLiangWei
Tutor BaiPeng
School Tianjin University
Course Chemical Engineering
Keywords Batch Distillation Total reflux condensation No reflux recovery Simulation
CLC TQ028.31
Type Master's thesis
Year 2006
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Total reflux batch distillation concentrated - without reflux recovery is a new method of batch distillation operation, the fundamental difference between the operating method and the traditional method of distillation operation, the whole process is that the former is a total reflux concentrated - reflux mined continuously the process, recovery without the reflux liquid, the operation of the latter at a certain reflux ratio. The ways to completely break through the traditional the distillation reflux ratio theory, the total reflux and full recovery of the respective advantages in the concentration and separation can be fully tapped, is a great potential for development and application prospects of operating technology. Currently, the batch distillation the no reflux recovery process by the few, the main work of this paper is the total reflux batch distillation concentrated - without reflux mined the whole process of experimental studies and mathematical modeling. Experimental study, batch distillation at total reflux concentrate - no reflux recovery - n-propanol system, ethanol - isopropanol, methanol - water system, respectively, in the three kinds of different relative volatility Mixtures isopropanol different ingredients than the next. First total reflux and concentrated be to establish a stable concentration gradient, start without reflux recovery recording overhead temperature of the tower and the tower reactor at the sampling point, by gas chromatography after the end of the recovery of the samples analyzed and the data processing. As can be seen from the experimental data chart, no reflux recovery process begins, the temperature of the distillation column at the sampling point are elevated, easily volatile component concentration (mass fraction), in which the top of the tower and the tower in The dramatic changes in the first few minutes, after the change has slowed down, the tower reactor has been gentle change. This article the total reflux concentrated batch distillation - no reflux recovery process simulation study, the distillation column is divided into the condenser, the tower body parts tower reactor material balance, combined with the two-point implicit method with θ correction Solving. Investigated the concentration of the light component of the total reflux operation stage overhead with the operation time trend, as well as the number of trays, relatively volatile, liquid holdup and the vapor-liquid flow rate of the operating time of the impact. Mixtures of three different relative volatility of isopropanol - n-propanol system, ethanol - isopropanol, methanol - water system simulation results showed that the molar evaporation latent heat close to the physical simulation results with the experimental results than better. The model of total reflux batch distillation the concentrated - No reflux mined this new method of operation used in industrial practice guidance.

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