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Study on Mining Three Phase Digital Power Supply with High Stability and Intrinsic Safety Uninterruptible DC Power Device with Large Capacity

Author LiuGuoRui
Tutor SongJianCheng
School Taiyuan University of Technology
Course Power Electronics and Power Drives
Keywords Mining digital power Intrinsically safe power supply Charger RS-485 communication
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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The topic is an important part of the national \other issues. These problems often affect the normal working of the mine safety monitoring and control system, Shearer monitoring system, or even damage the system, leading to discontinuation. Uninterrupted monitoring of mine gas concentration is to eliminate the major accident hazards, and to ensure the safe production necessary prerequisite. Mature intrinsically safe general capacity of the switching power supply are relatively small, and most have no uninterrupted output function. Study of high stability digital three-phase AC power and large capacity uninterruptible intrinsically safe power supply has a very important practical significance and value. In this paper, mining the high stability of the three-phase digital power (High Stability Power Supply HSPS) and large capacity uninterruptible intrinsically safe switching Power Supply (Intrinsic SafetyUninterruptible Power Supply, IUPS) works and implementation methods-depth study of structures experimental platform, the development of the control system, and its main contents are as follows: a detailed analysis of the project performance requirements and technical specifications, based on research at home and abroad to develop dynamic, determined according to the requirements of the overall framework of the system, the design of the system program. System solutions, the the HSPS part of high-power rectifier circuit topology and working principle, the establishment of a low-frequency equivalent mathematical model, and model on the basis of in-depth study of its control strategy and digital implementations, design control based on direct current DC The outer voltage network side of the inner current loop closed loop rectifier control program. Designed on the basis of the analysis the HSPS part of the inverter main circuit topology and works based on the the voltage rms outer ring voltage instantaneous value inner ring double closed-loop control strategy. In-depth study of the PWM pulse width of the equivalence principle and SPWM asymmetric regular sampling modulation strategy and digitization process and analysis of the impact of the dead zone of the inverter output voltage waveform, and based on the direction of the inductor current judgment superimposed half-dead time to solve programs. On the basis of the analysis and the theory of two core modules of the the HSPS rectifier and inverter control strategy, design the hardware circuit for each part of the system, and the corresponding experimental experimental results show that the reliable operation of the circuit, anti-interference ability strong. Corresponds to the development of the hardware circuit, developed HSPS overall system software design, the preparation of a control program, including the rectifier system main program, external interrupt service program, debug, verify the validity and accuracy of the program. Specific requirements for the IUPS part, designed TL494 high precision switching power supply based MAX4211 overcurrent to overpower dual protection program, and CPU control battery constant current charge and overcharge, over-discharge protection. The intrinsically safe spark experimental results show that the program is correct and feasible, reasonable structure of hardware and software. Built experiment platform, complete system experiment experimental waveforms of the main circuit and control circuit and run data analysis and experimental results show that the HSPS and IUPS reasonable structure, stable and reliable system meet the design requirements.

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