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The Analysis and Strategy Study about Chemistry Concept Teaching Engagement at the Beginning of High School

Author ShenYiBo
Tutor ZhaoLeiHong
School Zhejiang Normal University
Course Curriculum and Pedagogy
Keywords Science chemical concept the engagement at the beginning of high school teaching strategy
CLC G633.8
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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In the standard of high school chemistry curriculum, it is proposed that high school chemistry curriculum is a basic course which combines high school chemistry with "Science" or "Chemistry" in nine-year compulsory education. How to engage chemistry teaching in middle school and that in high school is always a concerned problem. With curriculum reform deepening and the change of high school martial, the contradiction of chemistry teaching engagement between middle school and high school becomes more and more serious. In new curriculum reform, Science is taught in middle school while in high school Chemistry, Physics as well as Biology are taught independently. So there are two different curriculum forms in middle school and high school. In new curriculum standards of chemistry, some definition of chemical concepts are changed with new requirements. Chemical concepts are regards as the key and difficult part in chemistry course. What’s more, it plays an important role in studying other chemical knowledge. Students will master chemical basic knowledge better only when they know chemical concepts thoroughly. Then their ability to solve chemical problem will be enhanced. Because chemical concept is a major part in chemistry studying, all of the changes increase difficulty in chemical teaching at the beginning of high school. The survey showed that after the implementation of the new high school courses, there are a considerable number of students having difficulty in studying high school chemistry. They thought high school chemistry was abstract. So the chemical scores decreased significantly. Someone even lost the confidence in chemical studying. The major cause of phenomenon is the difference of teaching and learning between middle school and high school.In order to prevent the polarization phenomenon, how to engage chemical concept in middle school and that in high school is an urgent problem in chemical teaching. If the engagement of chemistry in middle school and high school had been well researched, it wouldn’t only beneficial for students’ following chemistry study, but also be propitious to the smooth transition from the enlightenment education to the science education in the chemistry. In decades, there are many studies about engagement in middle school and high school chemical teaching or chemical concept teaching. But researches about engagement of concept teaching in middle school and that in high school are relatively deficient.Based on background mentioned above, we carried on the analysis and strategy study about chemistry concepts teaching engagement at the beginning of high school. The research regards zone of proximal development theory and cognitive structure migration theory as theoretical basis. New students of high school are selected as survey sample and high school teachers are selected as interviewees. Besides, the author combined chemical knowledge of middle school and high school with exploration of practical teaching. The reasons of chemistry concept teaching engagement at the beginning of high school were analyzed from course objectives,teaching materials, teaching, student learning, teaching evaluation and so on. Furthermore, the author proposed corresponding strategies combined with concepts of new curriculum reform. In accordance with research results, the author selected oxidation-reduction reaction and ionic reaction to design teaching cases and conducted in practical teaching. It is significant to research chemistry concept teaching engagement at the beginning of high school. Therefore, the issue needs more educators to participant and to discuss further in practical teaching in future.

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