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Research and Parametric Design of Offset Press Following Mechanism

Author ZhuXinLian
Tutor ZhangHaiYan
School Xi'an University of Technology
Course Pulp and Paper
Keywords Offset press Servo regulator institutions Nonlinear equations Homotopy continuation - Newton method Parametric Design
Type Master's thesis
Year 2006
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Regulator agencies is one of the key components of the printing press, it work performance has a direct impact on the quality of the print. The purpose of this paper is to design a new body on the basis of existing institutions - the servo regulator agencies, so adjust the blanket cylinder - printing pressure between the impression cylinder (BI), the blanket cylinder - plate cylinder (BP no effect) between the printing pressure, thus avoiding manual adjustment of printing pressure between BP blindness, to prevent excessive pressure between the rollers leaving the drum deformation. The servo regulator agencies not yet involved in the domestic press to the design of the institution designed to provide a method. Parametric design can improve the efficiency and precision mechanical design, mechanical design has an important economic value. The main content of the subject as follows: (1) the use of complex vector triangle method for kinematic analysis of existing BI, BP regulator agencies and design of servo regulator agencies, calculate the blanket cylinder regulator within the outer eccentric bearing angular range determined follower the regulator bodies of institutions precise point value, and use the servo regulator agency agency error analysis obtained sensitive rod institutions to meet the requirements of the use and regulation of . (2) the use of the matrix method of servo regulator institutions integrated institutions, agencies and designed to test the boundary conditions of the location and the transmission angle, designed to meet job requirements. Using the same Lun continuation - Newton method precise value of solving nonlinear equations integrated established institutions to solve other iterative method given the stringent requirements of the initial value, and can effectively expand the scope of the initial value, and The use of the method can be an effective way to solve the iterative Cheng Zhongya Jacobian matrix singularity, institutional design proposed. (3) the use of the follower regulator mechanism before and after were analyzed and compared, the results show that using the servo pressure regulating mechanism within the regulation range, adjusting the printing pressure between the BI when almost no influence on the printing pressure between the BP reached the design requirements. (4) of the servo regulator agencies to achieve parametric design in order to adapt to the design of the different models of offset press servo regulator agencies, the dedicated design software user-friendly and can effectively improve design efficiency for printing equipment The manufacturer provides design platform.

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