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Researches on Discrimination in Employment and Its Legal Regulation of China

Author ZhangJun
Tutor ZhangZaiFan
School Henan Normal
Course Economic Law
Keywords Employment Discrimination Defined Legislation Anti- discrimination in employment Legal Regulation
CLC D922.5
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Fair value of humankind's eternal goal, employment is the people's livelihood and the Yasukuni the policy. Fair employment practice against discrimination in employment, protection of workers' right to fair employment, not only about people's livelihood, it is a necessary requirement of the socialist system. And there is no doubt of employment discrimination with the requirements of fair employment contrary. Employment discrimination is a harmonious society merciless ridicule. If likened to a harmonious society touching ensemble, then the emergence of discrimination in employment, as in this song ensemble suddenly there was a very discordant note, and this will undoubtedly be seriously affected this song ensemble of overall musical effect. Of course, employment discrimination phenomenon is not unique to our country, nor is it to suddenly appear in today's society, but rather a universal, long-term worldwide problem, in different countries, different regions or even different historical periods varying degrees of employment discrimination. But only to modern times, as people rights consciousness and growing, people began to focus on employment discrimination and pay attention to it, this kind of research and legislation also began to increase gradually. However, due to the long period of feudal autocratic rule, the people's awareness of their rights and the concept is relatively weak, so, despite the country's reform and opening up more than 30 years, all aspects of society has made great progress and development, but for employment discrimination whether national, social or personal are in lack of knowledge, lack of acceptance or silent state. So, in a sense, the employment discrimination intensified in our country and why people face such discrimination shown by the collective unconscious is not no correlation. In today's increasingly competitive society, and as China's education continues to mature and developed all kinds of talent springing up in large numbers in recent years, China's labor exhibit persistent oversupply situation, in particular the global economic crisis, more making the already less than ideal employment situation worse, the employment pressure continues to increase. In the current employment situation is so grim situation, it appears the problem of employment discrimination particularly prominent, if not the issue timely, effective, comprehensive and proper solution, will inevitably result in serious adverse consequences affecting the rights of job seekers will also be severely affect social stability, blocking the process of building a harmonious society. But now, on the protection of citizens of fair employment laws are basically a constitutional nature, declaratory, does not have the practical operability, is based on the above considerations, I believe that the speed with fair employment-related legislation is imminent, the current The necessity of establishing a special law against discrimination in employment, employment discrimination against the current outstanding problems to make a reasonable regulation, in order to effectively reverse the grim situation of employment discrimination intensified. This paper intends to define the meaning of discrimination in employment, causes harm to society, characteristics, as well as the main manifestation of the reality of China's current employment discrimination and anti-discrimination in employment and other aspects of the status of the system analyzed and discussed, and on this basis proposed in the current how the situation through legislation, law enforcement, judicial and other legal protection in the form of employment discrimination to effectively curb the rationalization proposals, in order to fully protect the people's right to fair employment, thus promoting social harmony towards rational direction.

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