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Prepararation of Chelated Electrodes and by which Absorb and Disabsorb Uranium from Seawater Controllably and Naturally

Author YangJinFeng
Tutor XinHaoBo
School Qingdao University of Science and Technology
Course Materials Science
Keywords electrochemistry polymerization amidoxime group absorb uranium from seawater chelated electrodes natural absorption self-assembly
Type Master's thesis
Year 2006
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In this article,PAN coats are polymerized on the aluminum negative pole by electrochemistry methods.Chelated electrodes,which contain amidoxime groups and are prepared by PAN coats reacted with NH2OHHC1 directly,are used to absorb uranium from seawater.Factors both in electrodes preparation and in uranium absorption are discussed.1.PAN coats are polymerized on the aluminum negative pole by electrochemistry methods,influence of factors on the polymerization,such as type of supported electrolytes and their quantities, cell potential, time, AN quantity and so on,are studied.Furthennore,we let coats react with NH2OH·HCl directly to make chelated electrodes with amidoxime groups,discuss how every factor affects the reaction.Better conditions are like that:in polymerization system,8mL0.05mol/L AlCl3(dissolve in DMF) as the electrolyte solution, molar rate of AN and DMF is 1:1,cell potential is 10.0V, time is 5h;in preparation system, pH is 7 , temperature is 70°C, time is 3h. Conversion rate is 64.7% on these conditions. PAA and PAN are self-assembled on PAN coats to make another chelated electrodes by coats reacted with NH2OH·HCl directly.In this process,we gain better self-assembly time is 5 min. At last,we characterize electrodes of every phase by FTIR.2.Chelated electrodes and a new environmental disabsorbed method are used to absorb uranium from seawater, uranium adsorption isotherm of uranium isΓt= 38.21c0.27.Absorption velocity constants in commen and condense seawater are 0.0013EXP(-11.4×103/RT) and 0.317EXP(-19.8×103/RT)L·s-1.3.Uranium saturated adsorption capacity of the chelated electrode is 8.2mg/g resin,absorption reach balance after 5days,concentration limit can less than 0.57μg/L.4.A clear and full structure,which is like seaflower,is observed in SEM of electrodes before and after absorption.

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