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Study on Social Impact of Rural Tourism

Author HaoZengKai
Tutor ZhuZhuanFa
School Shanxi University
Course Tourism Management
Keywords Rural Tourism Ancient villages Social Impact After the village
CLC C912.82
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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In a move towards urbanization and modernization of society, back to nature, back to nature has become a powerful trend of life, tourism This comprehensive social activities are no exception. Rural tourism will conform to this trend, quickly selling home and abroad. Rural tourism development from start spontaneously, to now by the government-led, planned, large-scale development, making the rural region's economy, society has undergone tremendous changes. To carry out rural tourism investment cost is small, most of the villages in the early stages of tourism activities can produce benefits, but by carrying out rural tourism, making some poor rural areas to achieve the poverty, the quality of life of the residents has been improved. However, the development of rural tourism, the rural region's economic, environmental, social and other aspects of the impact is not only positive, Rural Tourism Development and initially envisaged trajectory or less will produce deviations. Therefore, only in the process of development of rural tourism seriously in-depth analysis on the impact of research in order to maximize the expected rural tourism development has brought a variety of effects, particularly negative impact. We have a clear understanding. In general, rural tourism will bring economic, social and environmental implications, given the thesis structure, content is limited, this article focuses on social impacts. Full analysis of the social impact of tourism brought about in order to properly guide the development of rural tourism, rural tourism in carrying out such that the beginning of the track along the good development, to obtain maximum efficiency. Shanxi due to historical and geographical factors, as well as transportation and other reasons retains many ancient villages, these ancient villages in Shanxi rural tourism development has become an important content. Shanxi rural cultural heritage thick, ancient villages, ancient houses, ancient architecture, not only the quantity but also preserved the unique customs of the people of ancient villages, rich in content, the development of rural tourism in Shanxi to become an important tourist resources. But the ancient village of Shanxi countryside compared with the general, there are obvious characteristics: relatively weak economic foundation, a more primitive way of life, the pace was slow, away from the city, a profound impact on traditional culture. Therefore, the development of rural tourism ancient village social impact on the local villagers have amplified the effect. In this paper, after Yuci village, for example, through field interviews, questionnaires, etc., on the development of rural tourism village after Yuci social impact analysis, put forward specific proposals and measures, hoping for the development of rural tourism in Shanxi The revelation, which the ancient village tourism sustainable development with a strong theoretical and practical significance. In this paper, after learning about the status of village tourism development on the basis of questionnaires and interviews through true feelings tourism development after the changes brought to the local community to discuss tourism development has brought changes in the specific content, on this basis propose some targeted ideas and measures to enable Shanxi rural tourism can be sustained and healthy development.

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