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Geological Features of Huangshaping Pb-Zn Deposit in Hunan Province and Effect of Heavy Metals in the Smelting Processe

Author DongXiongYing
Tutor LiuJiaJun;YuDeQing
School Chinese Geology University (Beijing)
Course Mineralogy,petrology, Mineral Deposit Geology
Keywords Deposit characteristics Ore utilization Heavy metal pollution Pb-Zn Deposit Huangshaping
CLC X758
Type Master's thesis
Year 2007
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It is one of the problems that modern society immediately deal with to balance mineral resources utilization and environmental protection. Mining makes economy and society developed. Also unreasonable exploration results environmental quality declined. This paper takes heavy metal pollution of Huangshaping Pb-Zn ore utilization as an example and emphasizes negative effects of non-ferrous industrial on the environment.Huangshaping Pb-Zn deposit originated from high-middle temperature solutions. Structures developed in area consist of NNE-striking folds, N-S and nearly E-W faults system. There are Upper Devonian and Lower Carboniferous outcropped, and the Shidongzi Formation limestone of the later is the main host rock. Ore body has various shapes with a great number of minerals and complex chemical compositions.Combining characteristic of Zhuzhou heavy metal pollution and the source of ore with mult-minerals and mult-composition, this paper carried out some survey and analysis work on the forming of pollution, then a series of environmental geology and epidemiology researches are done in city district. The objects of researches includes soil, vegetable, paddy, drinking water, human body materials and crowd.It is obvious that the abnormal distribution is oval around Zhuzhou Smeltery in shape, the anomaly extends widely with large-scale and high intensity. And soil, vegetable, paddy, drinking water are polluted seriously.This paper adopts the Neweraw Synthetical Pollution Index Method to assess the havey metal pollution of soil, vegetable and so on. Evaluation of its quality indicates that soil quality is lower than the second degree standard of the National Soil Environmental Assessment Standard. Cd is the main pollutant factor of heavy metals in soil . Vegetables are polluted gravely, Cd and Pb are the main pollutant factors. Paddies are polluted a little. Drinking water reaches the National Standard of Drinking Water. Human body materials have more Cd than their standard. Epidemiology researches find that diseases relating to Cd increase in recent years.It is analyzed that the ore material supplier, Huangshaping mine contributes the pollution. Ore that the mine produces consist of kinds of heavy metal i.e. Cd, As, Cu, low recovery rate and heavy metals abandonment are the main causes of pollution. Wind direction and the location of Zhuzhou Smeltery result mostly in pollution anomaly distribution.

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