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The Study of the Redevelopment of Materials in New Curriculum Implementation

Author ShenJiaFeng
Tutor ZhuTianLi
School Henan Normal
Course Curriculum and Pedagogy
Keywords Implementation of new curriculum Secondary development of teaching materials New high school English textbooks Analysis Tactics
CLC G423.07
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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New curriculum reform requires teachers to establish a new curriculum, teaching concept and materials concept, advocating for the teaching materials used creatively. Not only is this new curriculum and course materials inherent requirement of the policy, but also to solve the practical teaching materials and practical needs contradictory situation, but also the objective needs of teachers' professional development. However, in teaching practice, teachers how creative use of materials are still many questions. In this context, research on the development of teaching materials have a secondary importance and necessity. Second development is that teachers and teaching students to use the theory of teaching and learning theory, in the analysis of curriculum standards, textbooks, teachers, students and the teaching environment and other relevant factors, based on the use of add, delete, adjustment and integration methods such as target materials , teaching content and teaching methods and other aspects of the re-processing and processing, which aims to make education and teaching materials to adapt to specific situations, and ultimately for teaching and learning services. This research and analysis of the historical development of teaching secondary development and current status of that secondary development of the theoretical basis of textbooks should include teaching theory, curriculum implementation of mutual adaptation orientation and creation orientation, cognitive learning theory, humanistic learning theory and constructivist theories of learning aspects. In this study, Henan Province, the new high school English textbook usage survey of teachers and students, and teachers and students from the basic situation of their evaluation of the material as well as in the use of materials problems in the process of three aspects of the investigation The results for the statistics and analysis. The results show that PEP Beijing Normal University, teaching materials and can basically accepted by teachers and students, but the presence of two sets of textbooks textbook selection common drawback is difficult to stimulate student interest in learning, teaching more difficult than many of the students' actual learning, many schools can not meet the conditions in the teaching materials and equipment, and other needs. In addition, teachers and students use textbooks situation also reflects their secondary development of teaching materials, there are still many problems, mainly in the curriculum standards are not familiar, influenced by the examination-oriented education, the dominant position of students is not enough emphasis, teachers low levels of secondary development of teaching materials, student awareness of the lack of active participation, teaching secondary development of effective implementation of the lack of relevant conditions to support other aspects. To solve these problems, this article suggests changing teachers from concept to strengthen teaching awareness, changing teaching ideas, develop curriculum resources, changing students' ideas, Wake learning consciousness, strengthening the relevant training, promotion materials development, strengthening investment in education, improve teaching conditions five aspects addressed. Finally, the analysis of the questionnaire, based on the combination of relevant education theory, the paper put forward a textbook from six secondary development of implementation strategies, they are: the principle of establishing secondary development of teaching materials, teaching secondary development of methods to master, analysis of relevant factors, to set teaching goals, determine the dimensions of the secondary development of textbooks and teaching materials to carry out the evaluation of the secondary development and reflection. By implementing these strategies, the materials developed into a dynamically generated second organic circulatory system. This study textbook for secondary development theory and practice analysis and discussion, which aims to help teachers and students to effectively carry out the majority of the secondary development of teaching materials, and ultimately promote their own comprehensive and rapid development.

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